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"Healthy Is Hot" means something different to each person, and that is what makes it such a powerful movement. Below are just some of the amazing people who have been brave enough to share their stories.

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Celebrating @thechloewilde's brave new project @healthyishott by sharing my own fitness journey. So proud of you, Wilde one. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I'm a beast. That sounds all good & Beyoncé now, however, it's taken almost 40 years to embrace this notion. I'm 5'10. My arms don't fit through most shirt sleeves. If I'm not 100 pounds overweight, then I'm built like Shaq. There is no in between. For the majority of my life I dessssssperately wanted to have a petite, feminine, fragile physique. I wanted boys to be able to lift me up (most can't or shouldn' looks and feels ludicrous) I wanted to be rescued. Wanted to strangle nicknames like "Amazon". My muscles, I was told, were too "masculine". Frightening. Bulky. Brutish. Not ladylike. But, then something shifted after my second child; I have laundry to do. I'm not even trying to be lifted up off the goddamn ground. And if anyone is going to do any rescuing up in here, it's me. I am a beast of a mother and friend. I'm a beast in my work and God knows I'm a straight up wife-beast. So, it is about time that I allow my outsides to reflect what has always existed within; a feminine, frightening, fragile, masculine, lady-like machine. I lift. I run. I healthy. I BEAST. #healthyishot #whorunthismother #outfrontfourseasonslookinlikeadamnfootballteam #beastmode #ladylike #masculine #feminine #machine #workingmom #wife #girlswholift #fitness #health #gymlife #onlyalwaysalady

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I don't normally write personal stories like this but I'm part of a new project called @healthyishott and I want to do my part. I write this just hours after trying to find a swimsuit because J and I have booked a staycation this weekend to unplug (and when I moved to Chicago in the winter, the last thing I thought I’d need packed was my bathing suit). Since moving to a new city I have spent a lot of time alone - blame it on having fewer friends or a freelance job, I’ve been spending my time writing and trying to build a better relationship with myself. After the honeymoon period with my new city had worn off, I was stressed and anxious about having so many unknowns in my life. I was confused, embarrassed and angry at myself - and I resorted to old habits like binge eating. While I remained consistent with my workouts, I dropped healthy eating completely. The scale hasn’t changed much but I feel it in my clothes, movement, happiness and ESPECIALLY in that fitting room today. Today I’m sharing a photo from three months ago when I was at my healthiest and happiest. I had just achieved something I never thought I’d do. Despite playing soccer my entire life, I wasn’t much of an athlete, always teased for being the slow one who couldn’t run much distance. Flash forward to September 2012 when J started teaching me to run - there were sessions where I literally begged him to leave me behind and threatened to break up with him. He didn’t leave me behind (and now we’re married!) and because of that I developed a love for running. After training all spring and summer this year, I ran my first long distance in Chicago and returned home soon after to compete in my first official 10k race. Crossing the finish line was hands down one of the most proud moments of my life. Reflecting on that time inspires me to get back to being that girl because #healthyishot!

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When I was 9 years old, I found out that I was very sensitive to MSG and other preservatives. I was sick for many years before we found this out. This discovery lit the light of awareness in my life that food is a powerful force that can either make you feel really good or really bad. It made me hyper aware of my body and that drove me to want to have a career in health. As a Nutrition student I thought I had it all figured out and if I ate the right foods I could always look and feel the same. But, then I got pregnant...and then I breastfed...and then I began working out again to try to get my pre-baby body back. All of this with major sleep deprivation... My tummy will never look like it did before I had my boys. But I housed human life. Which is the best gift my body has ever given me. I've realized that there is no perfect path to health as our body is in a constant state of movement through different stages and ages. I'm approaching another birthday this week and there's one thing that I now lean on as I get older and observe these changes in my life. You have to let go of what you had and allow what IS to shine. The ultimate responsibility is tuning into your body through each stage. This is not about trying to get back the body you had in years past, this is about appreciating what your body has gone through to get you to today. When you focus on the power of your body, what it's done for you, what is does for you and what it will do for you, any negative thought can quickly turn to self respect. Switch your focus to being healthy instead of trying to make your body look and be something it may not be ready to be. This is the ultimate act of self-love. Thanks for the inspiration @thechloewilde #healthyishot

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A few days ago my lovely friend @thechloewilde was kind enough to ask me to post something in support of the @healthyishot movement that she has started. It’s kind of funny that this came in the middle of a week that felt like an avalanche of unhealthiness to me - fighting a cold, feeling mentally stressed out and very very down, missing my dad who I lost to lung cancer a little over a year ago, all topped off with an emergency room visit to Sick Kids for my son who had a frighteningly high fever (fortunately he is getting better now). Yeah, it's been a crazy one. I’ve talked quite a lot about my pursuit of physical fitness and health and how important that is to me, as well as dealing with the whole complicated business of body image as a woman - especially one that works in front of the camera. That’s always a tricky line to walk. I’ve been shy about talking about my struggle to stay mentally healthy, especially given the challenges that have been thrown my way in the last few years. It bears mentioning because I know I am not alone in this. The pressure to be perfect, to say the right thing, to look the right way and to win all the time - that is some heavy shit that we put our selves through. At times it feels difficult to move forward. But darker days have a way of shedding light - a gift of clarity that have helped me figure out what matters and what doesn’t so much. I have grown to really understand how the health of my mind and my body are completely intertwined. So I am trying to be kind to both. Now as I move positively from one week to the next, poised to step into a fresh new year, I can’t think of a more important thing to focus on than health - mental, physical, emotional. There are some things we can’t control, but there are many that we can. I can’t think of anything more powerful than choosing strength in all aspects of our lives and encouraging it in others. So pass it on, #healthyishot. (📷 by @tobiaswphotos)

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