Ab Attack x4

It’s always hard for me to motivate myself to do abs after every workout, but doing abdominal exercises every day really does pay off! A lot of people tend to do ab exercises in sets of 3, but the trick is push yourself to do just one more set

Definition in your abs comes from working your abdominal muscles when you’re tired and/or have low energy. Although I don’t recommend it, a lot of people do their “ab day” before they’ve eaten breakfast or lunch. This does tend to work but it’s not the smartest choice.

Push yourself to do ab exercises after you’ve done your cardio & weight lifting for the day, and do EVERYTHING in sets of four. 

Do you want that line on your tummy when you wear high waisted jeans or wear your favourite crop top?

It takes WORK, but once it’s there, it’s there to STAY.

Within a few weeks of doing abdominal exercises post-workout, you will see a difference.

When you’re doing your abdominal exercises make sure you’re exhaling when you are exerting energy. As you crunch or tighten your ab muscles, breathe out. Breathing is key to any workout. Your muscles need your breath for energy.  The more you breathe, the better those abs will show.