Getting Your Butt Back To The Gym

We’ve all been through it before. Taking a break from the gym and finding it next to impossible to get back into routine. With busy schedules over the holidays, it’s hard to find time to work out. Not only is your schedule and routine thrown off over the holidays, but your eating habits and sleeping patterns are also turned upside down.

This month, take control of your life and your body again and get back into routine to start 2017 off on a right note!

Here are 5 steps to get your help get your butt back to the gym: 

  1. Look at your schedule and be realistic—analyze your week and pencil in days you are going to go to the gym. Don’t be unrealistic. If you know you’re jammed pack one day with work, use it as your rest day and make up for it on the weekend.
  2. Create a new workout plan—sometimes when you do the same exercise plan over and over again, it’s hard to find motivation to go to the gym everyday. New exercises will help you stay motivated.
  3. Swag yourself out—treat yourself with new workout clothes. It’s amazing what new leggings will do for you and your motivation. Think of workout clothes as an investment, stuff that you use every day.
  4. A new look on “gym-ing”—working out every day doesn’t just help you physically, it also helps you mentally. Exercising helps you release your stress and organize your day.
  5. Get a workout buddy—there’s no better partner than a squat partner! Find a friend who has a similar schedule and plan to workout together. 

Whatever helps you get back into routine, DO IT.

Your time is now.

A new year, means a new and better gym routine, because... #healthyishot. 

- Monica Scaglione