Post-Holidays Skin Rejuvenation

After all of the holiday parties, with many sweets, cheese, and of course, lots of wine…your body isn’t the only thing feeling sluggish. Our skin feels the impact just as much as our body does after indulging throughout the holidays. Not only do we need to detox for our tummies, we also need to detox to help our skin gain its natural glow back. Think about how much makeup we apply and remove over the holidays; that stress on our skin definitely shows in January.

The number one thing that most people think to do when they want to restore their skin isapply multiple facial masks. This is a no-no. Your skin needs to breathe, and over-processing your pores will only make things worse.

Try natural products. Products made with real ingredients: greens, yogurt, natural oils—this is what our skin needs! Think of it like vitamins and/or medicine for your skin.

Don’t over process your skin. You only need a few steps for your morning and evening routine:

  1. Use a gentle face wash.
  2. Mist toner over your skin to help your products sink in deeper.
  3. Use a natural serum as medicine for your skin.
  4. Apply a light moisturizer for as your final touch

Greens aren’t just for nutrients in your tummy but also for radiant skin. Repair and restore your pores this January! Out with the old and in with new with refreshed skin for 2017. 

- Monica Scaglione