Taking time to care for yourself is a game changer.

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

Anyone who knows me knows how in love I am with my career. I had a tendency to never turn down an opportunity to work because of FOMO. The TV industry often requires you to be at the right place at the right time so the struggle was real. I spread myself way too thin causing multiple burn outs. It didn’t help that I was also dealing with kidney disease, anxiety and depression.

Once I started seeing someone for my anxiety and depression, I was able to learn techniques to minimize the symptoms. One of the techniques was straight up common sense; self-care. My go-to technique at the time was inhaling junk food. Obviously, it didn’t serve me any good and just left me feeling more worn out and sick. So I decided that I would take care of myself by slowly working towards a cleaner diet and make exercise a priority. 

It takes hard work and time. As someone who gets bored extremely fast, I have to constantly change things up in order to stay motivated. I started doing dance cardio (JJ Dancer Method and Body By Simone), kickboxing, and yoga (Yoga with Adriene) when the elliptical and simple bodyweight exercises no longer amused me. In terms of eating cleaner, I actually made the things that I pinned on Pinterest (it’s hard to get bored when there are 3 years worth of pins on your Clean Eating board). 

It’s been a year since I made these changes


I feel like a new person. 

For the first time, I feel like I have my shit together. Everything is clearer. My motivation to chase my dreams is here to stay and I accept that it’s okay to take time to relax. My kidney specialists are just monitoring my blood work as my levels continue to stabilize and I went from having 28 symptoms of anxiety and depression to 2. Oh, and great career opportunities continue to present themselves. 

We all have our reasons to take care of ourselves whether it’s because you want to take things to the next level in your career or be the best version of yourself for your friends and family. And not everyone’s approach to self-care will be the same. You can take a candle lit bath, read a book, meditate, go on nature walks, etc. Whatever works for you. All that matters is that you’re taking the time to assure you’re healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.