It's All About The Bench

A huge misconception is that women who work their chest will look too bulky and/or manly. Kiss that thought goodbye, because chest exercises are an awesome way to tone your upper body.

Sick and tired of feeling loose under your armpits when you’re wearing a cute tank? 

It’s time to BENCH. 

According to Shannon Clark, former Personal Trainer, “Most females are under the impression that chest training should be left out of the picture.” Clark has identified three myths: 

  1. Chest exercises will make my boobs smaller

  2. Chest training will make my breasts firm

  3. Just do pushups

From personal experience, three exercises that have helped me define my upper body and trim fat are inclined chest flyes, inclined dumbbell chest press and inclined dumbbell hammer press. I like to superset these three chest exercises with 3 sets of 10 reps.  At first I was sceptical about devoting a full day to my chest as I prefer lean and toned muscles rather than bulky. Lifting and targeting certain muscles that men typically focus on won’t make you be any less feminine.

Girls can be JUST as strong as guys and work the same muscle groups including chest. 

Ladies, it’s time to be all about that bench