Listen To Your Body

With a new year in place, so many people have resolutions to take more time to themselves, develop healthier habits and find ways to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. The road to finding your healthiest self isn’t a straight line – sometimes it’s a hell of messy road leaving us looking and feeling like some hot messes and you know what? That is okay because finding what your healthy is, is a journey. I’ve been on mine for just under three years now and what I thought was starting off smoothly, has been set back heavily by my diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease. My diagnosis came a lot quicker than most Cushing’s patients get and I have to say, I owe it all to listening to my body. Listening to my body really helped me with all my doctors to get where I am today. Now, hear me out – I’m not saying you should all listen to your body cues for disease and start going insane over every little change you notice but listening to my body helped me find a solution to the problems I was and am having. 

Health is not a “one size fits all” situation. Sorry to break it to ya but those cookie-cutter challenges with diet plans you can purchase from someone on Instagram? They aren’t meant for everyone. Your metabolism, hormones and physical capacities aren’t the same as anyone else’s. My simple and incredibly important advice to you gorgeous ladies for keeping your health resolutions? Listen. To. Your. Body. And consistency. Mhm – it really CAN be that simple! I mean, it sounds pretty simple but it takes trial and error, as well as time. Patience is your friend here and if you don’t have very much of it? Consider this the beginning of finding some because you’ll definitely need it on this rollercoaster. 

Full disclosure: My advice comes purely from my own experience plus having conversations with other women about health. Do what feels right for you and don’t quit until you find what is best for you! I can truly say that requesting certain blood tests was one of the best decisions I made when it came to listening to my body. Eating healthy and exercising wasn’t working and I seemed to only be gaining weight so I decided to start evaluating what was going on inside my body. If you live in BC or Ontario, LifeLabs clinics will give you a code you can register online to see your results within a few days and if you don’t have a clinic like that near you, you can ask your doctor for records since it is your right – take control of your health by understanding what is going on with you! Ask the doctor questions, google what certain test levels mean and keep track of your result consistencies or changes. That is how I decided to finally request a referral to an endocrinologist, which is how I got my diagnosis. These types of results will help you see what you need to work on internally so that you can make diet and exercise changes that will help even out any slightly odd results. It will help guide you to feeling your absolute best. I promise. Seriously. 

If you’re making diet and exercise changes, tweak those changes step by step. You may be feeling ambitious (which is amazing), but taking on too many changes at once can actually leave you feeling overwhelmed. You’ll probably find yourself giving up because you feel like you won’t be able to attain any of the goals you had set for yourself. If you’re going vegetarian or vegan, don’t cut cold turkey (no pun intended) unless going all in right away is your thing – do you! If you’re new to working out, give yourself little goals and build as you grow. You can’t squat 125 pounds without squatting the 45-pound bar first. It takes time and that word I mentioned earlier… patience. 

As for listening to your body cues, those are major. Have you been overworking yourself and feeling like you need a night in and not a night out at the club? Don’t be afraid to stay in bed for one night. Your body is practically begging you! Are you actually craving healthy foods? Listen to that cue – do it! Don’t ever feel restricted, though. Moderation is key and moderation is different for everyone, so finding yours is part of listening to your body. Don’t be afraid to eat a piece of chocolate once a day. Not feeling strong enough for the day to go to the gym? Go to a restorative yoga class or a simple 30-minute walk. There are always different ways to find small ways to change your healthy habits, one step at a time. The most important thing? Don’t ever feel guilty for having a lazy day or having to change up plans for the day because something came up and don’t compare your body to another person’s. Each individual is unique and no one will ever have the same body as anyone else. What honestly matters the most in the end, is being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself you could possibly be. Remember – Healthy is hot.