How To Be Your Own BAWSE

Growing mentally is one of the hardest things we do as individuals. This process
in our lives seems even harder when we seem to look around us and see everyone else
evolving into what seems is what they’re meant to be and do, while we are “falling

We get so down on ourselves, beating ourselves up for every little thing we do or
didn’t do. We see others we used to know when we were younger getting married,
having kids, or finding good jobs while making it look so easy. Whatever the case may
be, we’re constantly finding ways to compare ourselves to others. We want to become
the “bawses” of our lives but have no damn idea of how to get there.

The Universe has ways of testing us and one of my favourite ways to help my
mind stay on track with what my life goals are, is reading books about overcoming
obstacles (especially those mental ones) and getting ideas of how to overcome certain
things that I just can’t seem to find a solution for.

Back in May, I picked up fellow Torontonian (is that a word? Well, it is now) Lilly
’s book, “How to be a Bawse” and guys – in my most humble opinion, she killed it.
Girl did not sugar coat anything. Not only does she talk about mental gains, she talks
about how to climb up the career ladder while not having to lose yourself to get there.
Some of my favourite parts is when she discusses how you’re not falling behind,
you’re on your own path, to learn from your mistakes (but like, really learn from them),
working hard and being there for yourself. I wish I could spew all the knowledge she
gave out on here, but then you wouldn’t read it and do all the activities and that’s no fun.
This read was an eye opening reminder that you are your biggest investment.

You’re on your path and you’re not ahead or behind anyone because we’re all leading
different lives and purposes. It’s easy, especially if you’re in a deep depression, to feel
like you’re never going to amount to anything or ever get out of that and grow. No, it
definitely isn’t easy. Not even in the slightest. But that’s where reminding yourself of
what an amazing investment you are, kicks in. You’re so worthy of the love and care
you give yourself.

And if you don’t give yourself love and care? Don’t be afraid to. A lot of us don’t
do it because we feel as though it’s selfish if we cancel plans to sleep or use that time to
get ahead in our career by finishing up a really important project. It’s okay to say no to
what other people are doing if you feel it won’t benefit you positively in that moment. It’s
important to be selfish about your mental and physical health. That, my friends, is a
major way to begin becoming the “bawse” of your life and growing.