Eat Well For Your Blood Cells

If you’ve ever wondered why certain health foods make you bloated or don’t contribute to overall muscle gain, you may not be eating the right healthy foods for your blood. Blood type dieting is becoming a more common way to target weight loss and personal health, based on your blood type. Certain foods, we’ll call these “reactant foods,” produce a chemical reaction in your blood and in your body that can cause bloating, weight gain or further health problems due to mass clumping of blood cells. Dr. Peter DAdamo explains in his book Eat Right for Your Type, how small proteins found in foods called lectins, can target organs or systems in your body if they are incompatible with your blood type.

Some foods, no matter how natural or organic, can act as a killer food for your body and should be consumed either not at all or moderately. For example, Type O’s should keep on a high protein diet with limited consumption of all dairy, with the exception of specific cheeses and butter. But they respond well to, and can lose weight by, eating lots of meats and oils.

Type A blood type is quite the opposite and responds well to a vegetarian diet. Meats are a reactant food to Type A bodies and can cause weight gain but veggies, fruits and soy keep them lean.

The luckiest of them all is Type B! Those bodies with Type B blood can maintain a balanced died with meats and vegetables, without much limitation. Chicken should be limited, but eating vegetables, nuts and grains can contribute to fat loss. Licorice is even known to help keep Type B’s looking lean and healthy!

Lastly, Type AB can consume a pretty similar diet to Type B. A mixed diet in moderation is best, but they have a low tolerance for acidic foods. Oranges are a reactor food for AB’s but other fruits rich in Vitamin C, like kiwis and grapefruit, can help boost their immune system which is naturally weaker than most.

Yes, blood type dieting can be beneficial for controlling weight gain and contributing to weight loss. But, if you’ve ever wondered why you feel tired after eating certain foods or why you tend to attract colds and flus, it’s a good idea to follow some of these dietary guidelines. Learn your type, boost your blood flow and keep your insides healthy!