My name is Saverina and I am a kitchen virgin. The "simplest" and/or "easiest" things when it comes to cooking and baking are unknown to me which is why this new blog post series is exciting. I'm here to help out my fellow kitchen virgins by testing out some easy healthy recipes.


New fool-proof (oh yes) recipes coming at you every single month, your welcome. 


Now, whoever thinks healthy can't be tasty has never tried two ingredient pancakes. I was determined to make these the second I saw the title "Easy 2 Ingredient Pancakes" and realized I had the special two ingredients - 1 banana and 2 eggs.

First, you mush up the banana and then you mix in the eggs. You should be able to make 6 mini pancakes out of this. The recipe didn't say what to do once it hit the pan in terms of time and temperature (I really am clueless about cooking), however I remembered that mama knows best and asked her. I preheated the pan at medium high while I mixed the batter, then turned it up to high. I accidentally poured in the batter as one giant pancake and was able to split it up into mini pancakes before it was too late. It was smooth-sailing from that point. You wait for the pancakes to start browning at the sides and then you flip them. Two minutes later they're ready to hit your plate and be served with some fruit or covered in some good old maple syrup.

 Easy, quick, healthy and delicious. I would totally make these for breakfast everyday, but more recipes await. I'm looking forward to going on this journey with you all and hope you'll give this recipe a try - especially since it's Pancake Day!