HOT Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

Before you get any ideas from the title, we obviously meant “hot” as in “healthy is hot” date ideas! While many people enjoy a nice movie and dinner for Valentine’s Day, there are so many other options out there. Being active and healthy may not always coincide with romance, but it definitely can if you’re having fun while you’re at it. 

Here are five active, fun and healthy date ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

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1) Skating – We all know going skating for a date is one of the top romantic winter dates, which is why it would be perfect for February 14 – smack in the middle of winter. You can head over to Harbourfront Centre’s skating rink and then enjoy a nice dinner afterwards at a nearby restaurant overlooking the water. Or you can go to Nathan Philips Square and have a few drinks in the heart of downtown. Not only will skating get your legs moving, but also your heart racing as you skate close to each other to keep warm. 

2) Indoor skydiving – If you’ve ever wanted to skydive but never had the guts, there’s a less frightening but just as fun option! At iFly Toronto, you and your lover can enjoy indoor skydiving and defy the law of gravity. After all, what’s more romantic than kissing in mid-air?  

3) Learn to cook – Get your hands dirty with your S.O. by learning some new (and healthy) dishes at a cooking class. Learn a new dish at one of these classes, and then you can both make it at home and have a romantic dinner indoors. Some places that offer cooking classes include Grano Restaurant, Mengrai Gourmet Thai Restaurant, The Carrot Common, 7 Numbers and more!

4) Dance together – Salsa dancing is known to be romantic and bring people together. Even if you don’t like dancing (like me), grab your partner and go on over to Lula Lounge – a salsa club and live music venue at Dundas West. Wear something sexy, with frills preferably, and get close to your partner while getting in a good workout. 

5) Get your ‘pong’ on – Ping your date and ask them to head over to King West for a fun game of ping pong at SpiN. This is definitely a fun game and may even bring out your competitive sides. To let loose, you can also grab a drink while listening to live music.