Fall In Love With YOURSELF On Valentine’s Day

Society often plays up holidays like Valentine’s Day as something larger than they actually are. The idea behind Valentine’s Day is quite sweet, however we often lose sight of the true meaning...


To love your friends, to love your family, and to also love YOURSELF. Self-love is the most important kind of love. You must love yourself first before you are able to love someone else. You define yourself.

This is something that was difficult for me to understand growing up. I always thought I needed someone to validate that they loved me in order for me to feel good about myself. The pressure to be happy in a romantic relationship is so severe nowadays. What’s sad is that there is no encouragement modern society to focus on yourself and love YOU.

It took me a few relationships to realize this, but you have to love who you are in and out before extending your heart to others. That is why I’m asking you to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Do what makes YOU happy.
Buy yourself a donut, a “be mine” cookie or a bottle of rosé.
Send yourself flowers, chocolate covered strawberries or a balloon bouquet.
Go to the gym, play hooky for the day to explore your city, whatever it takes this Valentine’s Day; you don’t need someone else to show you love.
You need to show YOURSELF love.