GRL PWR: Sakara Life

Prepare yourselves for a story about two women coming together to make shit happen with the purpose of helping other women (and gents too). 

Whitney and Danielle are the wonderful ladies behind Sakara Life - “an organic meal delivery program based on the science behind a plant-rich, gluten free, superfood diet”. This is used by models, actresses and designers including Brad Goreski and Lily Aldridge. So you’re probably wondering, how did they get to where they are today?

Like most in the acting and modelling world, Danielle suffered from many things, one of which being body image issues. She eventually quit putting herself through hell and back by beginning to lead a healthy lifestyle - rather than continuing to go on different diets. Danielle then went on to become a registered holistic health coach, advocate and curator of wellness and health. 

Whitney discovered her passion for health on Wall Street. She would often find herself advising stressed out financiers as she was having her own difficulties. Whitney’s job stress had caused weight gain and cystic acne - something no dermatologist in New York could fix. That’s when she teamed up with Danielle and they both got what they needed by creating Sakara Life. 

One of their key beliefs is the purpose behind this article: “…that everyone has the right to feel their absolute best, love themselves and others to the fullest, and live their dream life”. They show that once YOU discover YOUR passion, YOU can do anything. 

Keep dreaming, and remember that healthy is hot.