BOOK CLUB: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Truth is a hard pill to swallow. Truth is the pill that Mark Manson gives us in his New York Times Bestseller novel, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”. There are tons of self-help books out there preaching on positivity and mantras. I won’t lie – I have bought those types of books, I have practiced “positivity only”, I’ve written out and practiced mantras. While those are all great, it really puts an unrealistic expectation to allow the universe to take over, to trust it has a path set for me, to just accept each turn of life as “it’s meant to be” and make positivity out of that instead of taking responsibility for my actions that could’ve led me to a crap situation. I see that happening with a lot of my girls, where they don’t take the time to accept certain things as they truly are so I thought, “hey, why not share a bit of knowledge Manson left me in his brutally honest book, with my girlfriends and healthy is hot babes?”

Manson brings up a lot of truths in his book and I really recommend this read for a different outlook on life. It is going to be super difficult to not go on a 5-page ramble about each topic and why it’s important. Manson totally comes off like a smart-ass in his book and some get offended by it mainly because they don’t take the time to open their minds to what he’s saying. Sometimes, the most positive thing to do for your life, is to take a deeper look within yourself and ask the really hard-hitting questions that reach the real reasons as to why you’re feeling a certain way. Masking issues is easy but the most harmful thing you can do to yourself.

I love what his book has to say and it didn’t stop me from keeping healing crystals, journaling with daily mantras and allowing myself to continue looking for the positive things each day. It just becomes harmful if one uses it to deny deeper, underlying issues causing you to feel bad about your life. Life is short and we have a limited number of f*cks to give. We usually feel bad about ourselves when we give too many to too many things that aren’t relevant to our values and beliefs. A clear focus on what your values and beliefs are will help guide you into caring over what is truly important to you.

Comparing is the #1 thief of joy and that is what we are exposed to each day with social media. As Manson states multiple times throughout his writing, humans are flawed. Even the most perfect of Instagram feeds don’t show what is truly going on in that person’s life. Your values aren’t the same as everyone else, so measuring your life successes and failures to others, is you robbing yourself of pure bliss. Therefore, you must truly “choose your f*cks wisely”.

If we’re giving this book stars, I’d give it 5/5. That’s how much I personally enjoyed it. Soon, my copy will be circulating throughout my circle of loves and I can’t wait to hear their opinions. This read was refreshing, eye-opening and thought-provoking. Have any of you healthy is hot babes read this or any of Mark Manson’s other works? Leave your thoughts down below!