I love chocolate almost as much as I love my fur child and career. So as soon as I stumbled upon a 3 ingredient healthy brownie recipe, it was time to hit the kitchen once again.

I put on Spice Girls and got straight to it. The magic 3 ingredients are 3 bananas (I had 2 giant ones on hand), 2 tablespoons - 1/4 cup of cocoa depending on how rich you want the brownies, and finally 1/2 a cup of almond butter. Preheat your oven at 350 and throw all of your ingredients into the blender. Once you have a smooth mixture, pour it into a greased square pan.

Here's the fun part and something that I learned - it's not supposed to fill the pan because it will rise in the oven. Well, after 20 minutes it didn't do a whole lot of rising and looked rather ugly and thin. I thought I screwed it up being a #kitchenvirgin and all, but once again my mom saved the day. It didn't rise because it doesn't have ingredients like eggs that usually contribute to rising. Also, it looked nothing like the picture on Pinterest due to them more than likely doubling the recipe.

Once they were cooled, I cut them and put them in the fridge. I liked the taste, but my taste testers claimed they tasted healthy, kind of like a chocolate fruit roll-up. I was happy that I had the plate to myself and polished them off in no time. I don't know if I'd recommend this recipe, I'd give it a 6/10.

See you all soon with more fun, healthy and "easy" recipes!