People talk about it all the time. “Love yourself”, “Use self-love mantras”, “Accept yourself as you are”. We all pretty much know this is way easier said than done. You’ve probably gone through great lengths to find ways to make yourself feel better but they only temporarily help. A $30 lip stick from Sephora can only make me feel good for so long… especially when it hits me that I spent $30 on a lip stick!

No way in hell am I even close to being an expert on self-love – I’m still working on it and have a long road ahead of me. If you’re feeling anything like me, I’ve compiled a list that I try my best to follow each day as best I can. Hopefully you lovely people find some of these things to add to your daily routine of trying to make better days for yourselves. 

Open the curtains, let the sun in and enjoy a good stretch. 

Disconnect from the digital world. I’m addicted to my phone and I had weird separation anxiety the first time I tried, but after a couple of hours, I LOVED it. I try to do it on weekends. Only time I use my phone is to communicate with my boyfriend or family. 

  • List 3 things you love about yourself
  • Read a book
  • Get your sweat on – hello endorphins! Happy high
  • Find 1-2 hours each week to really pamper yourself – do your nails, take a bath, cook or whatever your heart desires!
  • That cupcake you’ve been thinking about for days? EAT IT! 
  • Take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. Walking is known to help those with anxiety and depression. 30 minute walks improve brain function (happiness and memory)
  • Write in a journal whether you feel down or happy. Super perfect way to release any negative feelings without fully bottling them in if that’s usually your poison.
  • Have a girl’s night once a week or once a month. There is nothing like getting together with your closest ladies and letting loose. 

Have something you do to make yourself feel better and show yourself some love? Share it with us!