Soca Therapy: Music & Exercise for the Soul

The last few months, have proven to be a great fitness success! On the heel of one of the biggest carnivals in the Caribbean, located in Trinidad, we were hoping to enjoy its warm weather and beautiful culture. Unfortunately, we didn’t take part of the festivities and choose to celebrate in our own way! With the Soca genre being the latest trend in the fitness scene, we’ve decided to add a little spice to our regular regime by exploring the Caribbean culture. In this process, we’ve encountered four classes everyone should try!

Check them out below:

1. Socacize Fitness (2811 Weston Rd.)

If you’re looking to get into the island vibe - the Socacize class is the way to go! The class offers a creative blend between both Caribbean and African dance moves, broken down into four sections: The Bachannal Warm-up, Cardio Soca Jam, Wine & Tone and Groovy Stretch. The combinations don’t only burn off calories but help you get in touch with your inner rhythm. Click here for more info. 

2. Elle Fitness (580 King St W.)

Elle Fitness offers some of the most creative workouts in the city for women! From booty and abs camps to Caribbean dance cardio, they’ve got you covered. You’re definitely guaranteed a great time with these ladies! Click here for more info. 

3. Carnival Spice 7-Week “Fit” Challenge (619 Yonge St.)

If you’re planning on taking your expertise up a notch, try something new by joining the 7-week carnival spice challenge. The classes are designated to be fun, energetic and transformative for both the body and mind, plus some of the classes are only $20. Click here for more info. 

4. City Dance Corps (489 Queen St West, 2nd Floor)

City Dance Corps is known for their creative out-of- the-box dance crew and performances. If you want to learn from the best and learn another sort of genre close to Soca, Dancehall is definitely it! Their classes have been highly recommended by many and very successful for body transformations. Click here for more info.

Now that you’ve found your inner Caribbean rhythm and advanced to new moves, it’s up to you to stay consistent and keep up your new routine. Everything is a process but we’re here on the journey with you! Keep your head up and keep whining!