The #GIRLBOSS Approach To Password Making

How many times do you type passwords into one of your five devices throughout the day? When you sign into your computer… when you unlock your phone… when you’re checking social media accounts. There seems to be a password for everything these days.

If you’re like me, you have the most random passwords. Your favourite colour mixed with your birthday, or maybe your favourite animal. My laptop password was “pinkangel895” for the longest time, hmmmm why? I’m not too sure.

My latest train read is #GIRLBOSS. Sophia Amoruso, who wrote this book from her experience, is the babe behind Nasty Gal. She turned her hobby of selling vintage clothing on eBay into the successful business “Nasty Gal”. I’ve found inspiration from this bomb gal that I must share with you all. 

It’s time you change your passwords

on all your accounts and logins to your goals/desires.

This is basically magic. In the book, Amoruso says that if you associate a symbol with your wishes, you should change your password(s) to that symbol to constantly remind you of what you’re working towards. 

I recently changed all my passwords to phrases, not symbols, but still along the same lines. If you want a challenging job, change your password to exactly that, “Iwillhaveachallengingjob.”

Add a few numbers, and you’re Gucci

If you want to reach a fitness goal by the end of the month, “Iwillgetstronger.” Think about how many times you type away to login somewhere on something. These constant motivational reminders will do wonders for you!