Why You Don’t Need An Upcoming Event As Motivation To Get Fit

Right now, I am sitting at the table in my kitchen, trying to muster up the motivation to start working out again. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve exercised and I feel pretty guilty about it. When I first started working out properly, it was because I joined a program and paid for it. The money I spent on it motivated me follow through with it everyday. I finished the 40-day program and continued working out regularly because I had my cousin’s engagement coming up and wanted to look good in a dress. I stopped for a few weeks after that, and later started again because I had a vacation coming up. I have a friend who worked out every single day for an hour for several weeks because he wanted tone abs before his vacation in Mexico. It's already the middle of April , and I have no wedding, no big party or vacation coming up in order for me to get fit or lose weight. But that shouldn’t be the reason we work out. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with an event giving us motivation to work out, but just how many special events do we have in a lifetime? Instead, we should exercise because it helps us live a happier and healthier life.

Here are other reasons why we should work out (other than special occasions, vacations, etc.):

  1. Increases energy – I know we don’t feel the most energetic right before exercising or even while doing it, but your body produces more oxygen when you work out. Because of this extra energy, you can do more things in your day, all while feeling less fatigued and stressed.
  2. Sleeping like a baby – If you suffer from insomnia or don’t sleep very well, exercising during the day will help you sleep way better at night. All that physical exertion will definitely tire you out.
  3. You’ll be happier – You may not be happy while you’re exercising, but working out actually causes your body’s endorphins to kick in and decreases your risk of depression.
  4. Gaining confidence – Working out properly can you get you the kind of results you want for your body. Whether it’s abs, tone, or muscles, working hard to achieve these will lower your anxiety, body issues and help you be proud of how you look. Your body shape is one of the several things you have control over.
  5. It can be fun – You don’t have to do push ups or crunches as exercise. This can be mundane for a lot of people, which is why there are so many activities out there for those who want to have a little fun while working out. You can go to a spin class, pilates, yoga, or indoor trampoline place! If you prefer working out at the gym or at home, you can make a fun playlist, or even watch TV while you work out.
  6. It has lots of health benefits (duh) – I didn't write this to tell you the health benefits of working out, but I feel it should be included. Exercise builds aerobic power, reduces your blood pressure, maintains immune system, lowers type 2- diabetes risk, reduces body fat, keeps your bones strong, improves breathing and so much more! Don’t you want to live to be a 100?

Okay, time for me to log off and go get my butt in the gym! I have another cousin’s engagement coming up and I want to be proud of myself.