Tips For A Healthy #Canada150 Long Weekend!

The countdown is on! Canada’s 150th birthday is this weekend and we are super excited to celebrate.

Long weekends are full of fun activities (many involving booze & yummy treats) and can set you back on your #HealthyIsHot train. Luckily, we have some tips that won’t deprive you from some fun over the long weekend, but will keep you on the right track to bounce back come Tuesday morning.

1)      Start your day off right. If you know you have an afternoon BBQ where there will be plenty of Sangria and tempting snacks, begin your day on a healthy note. Wake up at a decent time, squeeze in a workout and try and keep some (as much as you can) of your morning routine in order. Take your vitamins, fuel your body with a healthy breakfast etc. You may not think this will help you when your 2 pitchers deep in your drink of choice, but it will! Stay committed.

2)      Plan for your fun! If you know you have an action-pack weekend where you’ll be indulging in a little too much, plan to start fresh when the weekend is over. Make sure you are motivated to get back to routine ASAP after your partay. Prepare a meal-plan for next week and/or workout plan.  

3)      Enjoy everything in moderation. The excitement leading up to the long weekend can often lead to binge eating/drinking, which isn’t healthy for anyone! Enjoy yummy drinks & snacks in moderation. Don’t completely limit your intake of unhealthy foods; just taste the items in small quantities.

4)      Order smart. If you’re out at a restaurant over the long weekend, try not to order the greasiest dish on the menu. Enjoy your time out, but just think before you order… is this worth it? A lot of the times when you’ve adjusted your lifestyle to healthy eating, when you do eat something deep-fried and unhealthy, your body isn’t used to it. You’ll most likely end up with a tummy ache which isn’t what you want.

5)      Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We can’t stress this enough: STAY HYDRATED! For every alcoholic drink, try and drink 1-2 glasses of water. Stay away from sugary mixed drinks, and order beverages made with fresh ingredients or less sugar!

6)      Avoid the dip. Ranch dip, spinach dip, any kind of dip and we go crazy. Avoid dipping your veggies, crackers or chips in high-fat prepared dips! They aren’t worth it.

7)      Shake it off. Get your booty on the dance floor! Burn off some of your extra-calories from the long weekend by staying put on the dance floor. Have fun & get your heart rate up at the same time.

Obviously balance is key. Eating or drinking a little too much over the #Canada150 long weekend is not a big deal at all. But remember, healthy is ALWAYS hot, and by following a few of these easy tips, you’ll stay motivated and won’t veer off your #HIH track too much.

Happy Canada day lovers!