Make Your Very Own Workout Plan. It Ain't That Hard!!

We’ve all been in the position that I am currently in: the plateau. When you’ve followed a specific workout plan for quite some time and exhausted/stretched it out for weeks on end!

I’m no personal trainer, but creating your very own workout plan is quite simple! When I started weight training I signed up with an online trainer who crafted me a 5-day workout plan. I definitely saw results but it was expensive and it was difficult to communicate with my online trainer to make adjustments that worked for my daily life.

Since then, I’ve taken it upon myself to create new workout plans each season based on my schedule. If you follow a plan that isn’t based off your current work/school schedule… you will not follow through with it. Being realistic and building a plan based on the time you have will give you the best results!

I utilize resources online, other fitness bloggers and Pinterest workout plans to try new exercises out. If the exercises challenge me, I make note of them and create a custom workout plan that fits my lifestyle and fitness goals perfectly!

So here it is, a 5-day personalized workout plan that works for me. I like to aim to work out 5 times a week: Leg Day, Shoulders/Triceps, Back/Triceps & Biceps, Booty Day, Chest/Shoulder Day.

Don’t know what to eat after one of these workouts? (Source: I found this guide on Pinterest that outlines healthy snacks to munch on before and after your workout.

BEFORE: banana, peanut butter, granola bar, dried fruit, whole grain toast, nuts
AFTER: protein shake, banana, fruit, cottage cheese, greek yogurt w/ granola, lean protein (boiled eggs, chicken, fish), veggies & quinoa

Remember, having a workout plan will make it easier to be consistent at the gym. No more wondering what you’re going to do after your warm-up. Follow a guideline to see results!