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Laura Davidson, founder of SweatCity app and Adidas ambassador, was one of the first women I interviewed when ‘How I Get Sh*t Done,” kicked off in March 2018. I found her via Instagram, and fell in love with her inspirational words, the workouts she showed, and her non-restrictive lifestyle she lives. After the article was published, I continued to follow her on social media because her authenticity spoke to me when it came to health and fitness. This week, I sat down with Laura to discuss the new features on her app, SweatCity, the best advice she’s received in the business world, and why community is such a vital part of her world.

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Laura, so many exciting things have happened in your life and with the app since we last spoke for HIGSD! Tell us about the new features on the SweatCity app? 

SweatCity is a fitness concierge service in the palm of your hands. The app has three main features that allow you to Explore, Elevate and Match your way to a new you. 


The explore page allows you to find healthy hotspots near you which are broken out across four categories: fitness, food, apparel, and wellness. The purpose behind this feature is to allow you to easily navigate your way around your city and never feel as though your healthy lifestyle is being compromised. We have built out an easy to use map that plots your location and shows you everything that is located around you. 


Elevate is a free messaging service that allows you to contact local experts in the health and wellness industry. This feature is perfect for anyone looking to find a quality trainer, nutritionist, sports medicine doctor, and/or mental wellness professional. You can view the experts profiles, visit their website, and send them a message to get that quality level of professional help.


Lastly, the matching component of the app allows you to connect with likeminded individuals looking for a workout partner. This is a great way to meet new people and find that accountability and motivation that you may be lacking on your own. You can view their fitness and sport preferences and filter people by age and area.


How has the feedback been with the new features on the app since you launched them back in August? 

 Feedback has been exceptional. We have seen an outstanding number of new and returning users and are working to provide them with more opportunity and benefits within the platform. 

I noticed you recently are starting to write more blog posts for your site, why are these blog posts important to keep up with for your followers? 

Community has always been number one for me and my business. Providing our uses with a trusted source for their health and wellness news is just one of the ways we like to encourage that sense of community and trust within our brand. It is also another great way to reach people and garner interest in our overall platform and business.


Why is community important when it comes to the app?

The fitness world can be a very overwhelming and confusing place for anyone who is just starting out. By providing a community within the app it is my hope to bridge that gap and provide people with a safe and motivating platform that can help them reach their true potential and truly become the best version of themselves.


Do you have any upcoming projects, exciting collabs, that you can share with HIH? 

We always seem to have something on the go! We send out weekly messages on the app from local health and wellness brands offering up special discounts and offerings. Just another way we regularly reward our community of app users!


What’s the best advice you have received in regards to your app? 

Don’t give up. Not everything you’re going to do in business is going to be successful and that is okay. The reason most people fail is because they stop pushing forward, stop evolving, and stop trying. It can be very challenging to keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you’re resourceful and determined you will eventually find your way.

You have such a busy life, tell us your favourite thing to do when you have a weekend off!  

I try to enjoy a dinner or cocktails out on the weekend and usually reserve the last half of my Sunday for just me. I place a much higher value on the time I get to spend with close friends and family these days and always try to find a way to incorporate them into my weekend when I can.



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