Trust Your Gut: How to Make Good Business Decisions

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One of the things I’ve learnt in business is that you’ve got to trust your gut! Too many times I’ve ignored my instincts, just to kick myself that much harder later on for knowing I should’ve listened. That gut feeling can’t be suppressed, no matter your age or gender. It’s easier said than done, especially when your gut tells you to go against the norm without a guaranteed success or a positive outcome. Trusting your gut is a skill that needs to be practiced. Here we have the 411 on sticking to your gut.

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Trust Your Gut: How To Make Good Business Choices

When you run your own business, making important decisions becomes part of your everyday routine. For some, making the right choice seems to come naturally; while for others, not so much. More often than not, it can be incredibly challenging to know whether you’re making the right decision! After all, the choice you make can impact not only yourself, but your project, your team, and perhaps your brand as a whole.

Luckily, the longer you’ve been in the industry, the more insight you have when making business decisions. Debra Lee, the former chairman and CEO of entertainment company BET, has a special take when it comes to making business choices: trust your gut. This is a philosophy we’re familiar with at Serotina, since our President, Daphne, believes in the exact same mentality! Today we’re going to explore why it’s important to trust your gut to make sound business choices.

Stick To Your Vision

Like we mentioned before, making a choice for your business means taking into consideration the impact that it will have on your business, as well as contemplating the potential consequences. If you have a honed vision for your business and you make all decisions with the intent of serving that particular vision, it’s unlikely that you’ll make the wrong decision. Learning to trust your gut is learning to take a step back, see the bigger picture, and see how the choice you are about to make will impact the future of your brand vision.

Ignore The Haters

No matter what you choose to do in life, there are going to be people who have a problem with it. It’s up to you to ignore the negativity that life may throw your way, and to instead grow stronger from it. If you find yourself in a position of power with the ability to make an important choice that can impact your brand as a whole, remember: you’re in that position for a reason. You’re qualified to make the decision that you think will serve your brand best. #TrustYourGut

You Don’t Lose; You Win Or Learn

Sometimes, no matter how much faith you have in your business decision, things don’t always pan out as you expect them to. In cases like those, you just need to brush yourself off, get back up, apologize for your mistakes, and fix them. Even when it turns out that you may have taken a turn in the wrong direction, remember: we are the sum of our experiences, and experience is gained from making mistakes and applying a lesson well-learned to your next business decision. Trusting your inner voice is a learning process, and is a tool that you need to learn to trust.

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