The Perfect Starter Tonic

Life is busy, but along the way I’ve come to find that tonics can be your new best friend. When made with the heart, they are uplifting (like your usual coffee latte or tea fix) and nutritiously dense all that same time. 

Not to mention, tonics allow for that well deserved [and usually hard to find] moment that we can dedicate just for ourselves, knowing we are honoring our health with intention and kindness. What is a tonic? I’ve come to understand it’s a warm drink that can have a base with or without milk (ex. hot water or almond milk or anything similar) alongside herbs/plants (such as mushrooms) that really help us reset ourselves from the inside out. It is not a quick fix, but over time, tonics help support the body system as a whole. 


Today, I’ll share one recipe to introduce a yummy tonic into your life potentially. It’s mild in taste and a perfect starter tonic, as well as a coffee substitute – and I’m a coffee lover, so it has to pass this test!


What you’ll need: 

·      1 bag of dandelion roasted root tea

·      Add hot water and let it cool a little before adding further ingredients

·      Add desired amount of maca powder (I like to use ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon) – this makes the drink a little more creamier as I don’t use milk in mine and acts as the ultimate adaptogen to adjust to what your body needs.

·      Add desired amount of maple syrup [fall fav], or sweetener of choice! 

·      From time to time, I’ll add Four Sigmatic cocoa that has mushrooms like chaga and reishi for that added focus it provides, check out @foursigmatic on IG for more inspiration J

·      Mix well with a mini whisk, to ensure no clumps are left behind. 


And voila, all done. Super easy, yet so tasty.

And always remember, that when introducing new herbs/new foods of any kind to your diet, consult with your medical professional to know it is what supports you best! We are all unique, and what works for some may not work for all. Happy fall tonic vibes.


x Simply Simona 


[image via @weheartit]