Book Review: The Skincare Bible

Anyone else feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting skincare information out there? Are you unsure what your routine should be for your skin type? Do you draw a blank when you look up ingredients? Should I go on??


Well my loves, I have found the new staple for your bookshelf. The skincare bible is a very comprehensive book written by a dermatologist from the UK named Dr Anjali Mahto.

She is very open about how she struggled with acne growing up, and was inspired to become a dermatologist to provide support and help to those seeking answers, which she did not get from her doctor growing up.

I was so excited to see such a comprehensive book about skincare and a detailed section about acne, which is a topic I have been struggling with personally.  When you look at that content breakdown there really is something for everyone.


The book is be broken down in 9 parts:

1.     Crash course in skin

2.     Regular skincare

3.     Skincare regimes

4.     Hormones

5.     Specific skin concerns

-Acne, Pore, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Age spots, Dark eye circle.

6.     Lifestyle

7.     Anti-ageing treatment

8.     Moles and Skin Cancer

9.     Finding a dermatologist



Doesn’t that look like a great breakdown?

It’s not overly simplified, but concise enough that you aren’t getting lost in the medical terminology. The book itself is myth busting left right and center, and is telling you what you and your skin needs!

What you don’t see in this breakdown is how she really digs in to every treatment possible for every skin concerns, why it’s effective or what to avoid. She talks about eating habits, and how to have a healthy foundation for your skin starting with sleep! She explains the layers of the skin, and what causes the skin concerns within those layers. It is a beautiful combination of detailed, but concise.


The most surprising aspect of this book wasn’t the discovering the proper routine that my oily skin needs, but how Dr Anjali Mahto brought up the importance of mental health.

I have had days where I refused to leave my flat due to my breakouts, and I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

Dr Anjali Mahto writes, “Acne has been linked to a large number of mood problems and these should not be underestimated. If you are suffering or know someone else that is, it is important to encourage them to receive help. Acne can cause problems with self esteem and body image, it can lead to social withdrawal and difficulty forming relationships, and also cause avoidance behavior, embarrassment and depression”. 

This quote really spoke to me due to the fact that I experienced this, and hadn’t taken the steps to do to a doctor and seek medical help. I am no stranger to going to see the doctor about my other health issues, why did I not about my skin? How did I let it get to a point that I would rather stay in than go out due to a breakout? No more.


This book really encourages anyone to seek out a dermatologist, not only for acne, but for any skin concern you may have.

I encourage you to add this to your list of books to read, because there truly is something to everyone, and it is full of amazing information about skin health.




With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine xx