How I Get Sh*t Done: Anouk Malavoy

Hi HIH fam! This is a very special edition of ‘How I Get Sh*t Done’! For the first time, we had someone come to us instead of me going to them! We had a reader who wanted to partake, so she sent in her own HIGSD! How cool is that? When I started this series back in March, I would have never expected it to take off like this! So in honour of this wonderful thing that happened, I thought I’d share the origin story of HIGSD and how it came to be!

It all started with a girls’ night. This girls’ night was super special to me, as I was surrounded by three friends who have been with me for a very long time. They mean the world to me. We talked life, love, family, friends, and everything in between. When we began to talk career, I noticed a common thread between all of my wonderful friends. The inspiration I felt listening to them talk about their beloved jobs and the motivation it takes hustle. And I just remember my one friend, Madison Pizer (entrepreneur, maker and creator) was recounting the day she just had. It was filled with emails, driving around for her job, coming home to make her jewelry, keeping up with her social media and staying healthy. And I remember thinking, ‘Woah, that’s a lot of sh*t in one day, how in the world does she do it?” The next day, I asked her if she would be willingly to be part of this new series I was trying to pitch for Healthy is Hot and she agreed. And BAM - HIGSD was born!  

Please enjoy this awesome interview with Anouk, director of business development at Astley Gilbert - where design and print come together!

What is your role in your firm and what has been your journey there?

I direct Business Development at Astley Gilbert. We are a firm that specializes in branding, print, online solutions, 3D installations, car wraps and signage.  I started 13 years ago off as a junior account representative knowing nothing about print or branding. My mentors, our V.P. and President, are entrepreneurs by nature and allowed me to take on numerous initiatives and organically grow into my current role. My current position is to ensure that A.G.’s vision of the ‘ultimate customer experience’ is carried out.  I organize and run sales/manager meetings and oversee a large book of business.  I also work with an amazing team to put together marketing campaigns to better publicize our services.

What else do you do to keep busy?

 I teach spinning twice a week @Quadspin and @Torqride, train at Goodlife Fitness, have an active social life and spend a lot time with my family.


Do you believe women can have a successful career and a family?

I believe that young children demand a lot of attention and the juggle of all the moving parts is real.  I think having a supportive partner can make a significant difference and I was lucky enough to have a husband who supported my career and fitness goals.  However, I do not feel I could truly dive into my career as I would have wanted to when our kids were young.   I am now able to focus more on my work as the demands of my home life have shifted.  I strive to always balance work and family and it is a daily challenge.  Through the years I have learnt that it is okay to accept that you may have a great work week with numerous events and meetings and feel less present at home.  There will be tomorrow when you can focus more of your energy on your home life.  I think as women, it is important that we learn to shed the guilt that comes with a demanding career and raising a family.  I remind myself I am doing the best I can.

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What advice would you give young people entering the work force?

Find a few amazing mentors that inspire you and keep in touch with them quarterly.  Secondly, always continue to learn.  No position or title means we need to stop self-developing as a person, a leader or employee.  We can always work to better ourselves and by having that vision you will continue to grow within your professional role.


How do you deal with failure?

 In my early twenties I viewed failure as being very negative.  I felt I was inadequate if I did not do something perfectly and as a result I would be very hard on myself.  In my thirties, I view failure very differently.  I believe it is through error that we learn the most.  I approach difficult situations and life lessons as opportunities to better who I am as a person, colleague and partner.  It is all of my errors that manifested the right opportunities for guidance and improvement.  I know there are more to come and I welcome them.


How were you raised?

My parents both had very strong values.  My mom came from a modest background and worked very hard to be where she is at today.  She instilled a very strong work ethic in her children and taught us to get back up when we fell. We were not given a free ride financially which resulted in all of us truly understanding the value of money.   Both of my parents value culture and the arts which encouraged us to read, appreciate the beauty of art and always continue to stimulate our minds.  I very much attribute who I am to my parents.  To this day I know they are always there for me no matter what. 

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What is the most important lesson you learnt in the last few years?

I learned to live in the moment.  Anxiety, for me,  is often living in the future.  Anticipating things that have not actually happened fosters anxiety.  Being in the moment is real and much lighter.  It is a happier spot for me to be in.


What does a day in your life look like?

5am: I wake up and have a strong French press coffee with cashew milk

5:30: I am at the gym or on my way to coach a spin class

7:00: I get home prepare breakfast for the kids, make their lunches, get dinner going and shower somewhere in there

8:30- leave for work

5:30pm: get home from work> get kids organized with homework>finalize dinner

6pm: dinner (which usually results in disciplining the children as we eat)

6:30pm: help kids with their homework or drive them to one of their activities

7:30pm: bath kids and read them a story/give them a massage

8:30/9pm: kids go to bed and yes I end up falling asleep too!


What is your advice to working moms?

My advice is “Don’t let your kids take you down”.   Kids will demand much, if not all of your attention, but if you don’t take care of you, no one wins.  It took me many years to shed the guilt of doing things for myself and I now understand how important that time is for personal growth and to refuel.  When we are calm as mothers, the household flows in a much more civilized manner.  By taking time for yourself- everyone wins.


What are your make-up go to’s?

I swear by the Clinique blush sticks, Laura Mercier illuminator and blue mascara by benefit or Dior.


What is your bedtime routine?

I wash my face with a Biotherm exfoliating wash or an oil based hydrating cleanser and then apply Sootys Hydroptimal light facial cream.  I then read BBC news before falling asleep. 


Do you have a favourite saying or mantra?

Yes.  “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”


How do you unwind after a hard day?

I am a big fan of aromatherapy/Epson salt hot baths.  I feel the water absorbs my stress and leaves me feeling relaxed and reset.  A nice glass of red wine also does wonders for my spirit.

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 What would be your dream job?

I love working with people and for people.  Any brand that wants to better themselves with strong/bold social messages appeals to me.  I would also always love to continue to be active in supporting causes that helps raise awareness for mental illness and helps children in need.


How do you get your sweat on?

I go to the gym 4 days a week and spin twice.  I do 30 mins cardo and 30 mins of full body circuits.  I am more into body weight workouts these days as they leave me feeling better.


Do you believe in diets?

I believe in making smart choices for your own body.  When a food/drink leaves you unwell, listen to what your body is telling you rather than focusing on all the foods that you shouldn’t eat. 


What is healthy is hot to you?

Healthy is hot is a brilliant platform to share and value the importance of combining both mind and body to live the best life we can.  We often associate hot solely with the body but hotness is truly health overall.  WE need to nourish mind, body and soul as they work together to keep us complete.