Don't Ignore the Signs

Fact: I, Chloe Wilde, do not handle injuries well.

Fact: If you ignore an injury, it will not magically disappear. 

Sounds simple enough, and yet here I am sitting in the La Guardia airport with a plastic bag of ice on my right knee thanks to the kind (and cute) bartender to ease some of the discomfort below the knee cap, behind the knee cap and on the medial side, essentially a 300 degree ring of pulsing sensitivity. You might be wondering, did she work out today to bring this on? No. Did she walk around New York and take in the sights that would have aggravated it? No. What brought me to the big apple was an Etalk assignment interviewing actors starring in four Netflix shows dropping soon (Big Mouth, Daredevil, The Haunting of Hill House and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) which means a lot of sitting in hotel hallways between interviews - minimal steps required. Nothing I’ve done in the past 24hours warrants this annoying ache... But the weeks of ignoring signs back in August choosing to instead push through an aggressive fitness schedule leading up to host the iHeartRadio MMVA red carpet show followed up quickly by TIFF, definitely, maybe, did. 


At the end of the summer there were moments where sled-pushes brought on intense pain, spinning created a weird dull that lasted for hours, squatting heavy become painful for new and unfortunate reasons. But I was steadfast determined (aka stubborn) on sticking to training every day before the big show, I was feeling self-conscious, uncomfortable in my skin and a little anxious about it all. Plus, HIH moments are my therapy - without them I worried I was going to be consumed by the stress around me and the pressure to deliver a great show. Slowing down didn’t seem like an option. 

Which brings me to three weeks ago - when the pain was unbearable, certain movements at the gym would bring me to tears, force me to step aside and wave a white flag. Being stubborn was no longer an option. After getting my knee looked at by two specialists, it became clear that treatment was top priority and my fitness routine would have to be drastically altered. Living a Healthy Is Hot life is something I intend to do, for life. In order to keep playing and finding joy through health and fitness until I’m old and wrinkly, that means taking care of myself in the present with treatment, rest and commitment to rebuilding strength. 

This experience has been a reminder that #HIHmoments do not need to be 10/10 intensity to be valuable, that rest days are just as important as training days and that when the signs start smacking you in the face that something doesn’t feel right, you should probably put down the stubborn armour and surrender to being honest with yourself. 

All my love,

Chloe Wilde