Top 20 Things To Do While Losing Weight After The Holidays

2019 is right around the corner. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we will be surrounding ourselves with friends and family at dinner or a party during the most wonderful time of the year. 

One of the greatest things about the holidays is all the amazing food, deserts, treats, and drinks we will be consuming.

The worst part about the holidays is stepping on the scale after New Year’s Day.

So many of us want to start the New Year off right by getting into shape and becoming healthier.


If 2019 is the year that you want to shred some extra pounds, then here is my list of top 20 things to do while trying to lose weight after the holidays:

1) Get a good night’s rest before hitting the gym the next morning. Not getting enough sleep will burn you out fast.

2) Make a healthy breakfast when you wake up so that your body feels energized before your workout.

3) Drink lots of water. So many of us don’t consume enough water throughout the day. If you find water boring, add a lemon slice to it.

4) If you’re a subscriber to any music streaming services, create your playlist the night before going to the gym. Scrolling through the music library and choosing which song you want every time a song finishes wastes a lot of time. 

5) Try to stay away from all those weekend dinner plans with your family or friends for the first little while. All that hard work that you put into your workouts for the week will go to waste if you’re eating your face off or drinking your sorrows away. Stay home, watch television or a movie, read a book, or do something that doesn’t involve food.

6) If you live at home with your parents or live with a partner, try cooking up meals together. Not only will it bring you closer together, but you will learn new tricks in the kitchen. Everyone cooks things differently, so try to take in as much knowledge as you can.

7) Try going to group fitness classes if you gym offers them. A great way to meet new gym buddies is by going to a spin class or a strength class.

8) Don’t step on the scale for the first little while. Seeing a number on a scale will just stress you out, especially if you’re just starting your journey. It’s all about how you feel. Get your mindset in the right place.

9) Set goals for yourself. Try adding in more minutes everyday for cardio or weight lifting. If you think you cant do it, just know that you can. Push yourself to achieve greatness.

10) Stop comparing yourself to others online, especially those who are also losing weight. Social media can really affect you mentally. Just because someone else is losing weight faster than you doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Everyone loses weight and gains muscle at a different speed.

11) Try not to get into any crash diets. Dieting fast won’t work. You’ll get unmotivated and you’ll eventually give up. 

12) If you think you’ll need help deciding what to eat in a day, look into seeing a dietician.

13) If you’re having a hard time getting into weight lifting, look into getting a personal trainer. I’ve seen some awful personal trainers out there, but I promise if you look hard enough, you will find a trainer that is right for you.

14) Listen to podcasts that are about health and wellness. You’ll be motivated and inspired to keep you living a healthier lifestyle.

15) Invest into a fitness tracker watch. This will show you how much steps you’ve walked, stairs you’ve climbed, your heart rate, and how much calories you’re burning.

16) Buy gym clothes and shoes that make you feel comfortable.

17) Eat healthy snacks throughout the day so that you’re not starving yourself, or drink a protein shake.

18) Follow inspirational and motivational fitness pages on Instagram. 

 19) Take progress photos to track your weight loss. Trust me, there is no better feeling than seeing before and after photos of yourself. Use these photos to help keep you motivated.

 20) Don’t be hard on yourself. Keep pushing through the pain. Keep telling yourself that you can do this. Remind yourself why you started. Be positive. Love yourself.