Why Social Media Matters in Business

Good morning HIH peeps!

This might seem obvious, but as the head of Business Development at Serotina, it’s a conversation I find myself having more often than you’d think. Social media matters in business. It more than matters. It’s completely and absolutely necessary. But instead of just telling you that and expecting you to take that as fact, I’m going to prove it to you. Check out one of Serotina’s most recent blogs; #KEEPSOCIAL: Why Social Media Matters In Business.

In today’s world, your social media game can make or break your business. Did you know that in 2017, the average person spent over 135 minutes each day browsing social media? That’s a lot of time for them to come across your business’ profile! Moreover, it was documented that 71% of consumers will most likely recommend a particular brand to a friend or broadcast it via their own social media if they have a positive experience with the company on social. A strong and engaging presence on social platforms makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your clients in the loop and attracting new clientele, as well as helping you attain your desired growth.

As you might’ve guessed, our worlds revolve around our #KEEPSOCIAL concept (engagement, engagement, engagement!). We believe in creating approachable, fun, and informative social spaces through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Sure, you probably have profiles with each of these big name apps, but why should you make sure that you’re using them to the best of their abilities? Read on to find out!


This is by far our favourite social media platform for business (and pleasure)! This social channel encourages follower engagement and allows for you to tap into your creative marketing genius, not only with the unlimited creative potential that it allows, but also as a sales tool.

Over 800 people use Instagram every month and more than 500 million people actively use this app daily, allowing you the opportunity to reach more potential clients every single day. In a recent study, it was found that around ⅓ of Instagram’s users have actually completed a purchase through the app, which translates into over 266.5 million consumers spending their money on products/services advertised on Instagram. Get advertising!


Updating your business’ Facebook page is integral to maintaining a strong social presence. For example, let’s say a potential customer hears of your brand, and they decide to look you up. One of the first places they’re likely to check is Facebook to access general info (bio, location, service hours, etc.). A Facebook page that isn’t up-to-date may mean the loss of a potential customer and/or follower!

Facebook is the perfect place to build a community around your brand. More than one BILLION people have Facebook profiles, and over 2 million businesses promote their services through Facebook. This platform is a great place to lay down the foundation of your business and start building your brand’s online community.


Whereas Instagram and Facebook are the most commonly used social media platforms for engaging business promotion, LinkedIn comes in hot when it comes to establishing a more formal online brand presence.

LinkedIn brings to life the saying, “It’s about who you know”. This platform hosts over 562 million users, all of whom created profiles in order to connect and network with brands and individuals. Making sure that your company page is updated can help spread word about your brand to people who are actively looking to engage with businesses like yours.

On LinkedIn, users are hungry for knowledge. This gives you the opportunity to post industry-relevant articles/information that you think would best connect with your target followers. At Serotina, we post a mix of both original content (hello, #blog!) and other exciting articles from credible sources, providing a space where our users can remain up-to-date on social and learn something new!

On behalf of the Serotina team, thanks for reading! Until next time!

XX Daphne