How I Get Sh*t Done: Jennifer Lau

Meet Jennifer Lau. She is co-owner of FitSquad, a personal training and small group training company based out of downtown Toronto! Jennifer is a highly accomplished personal trainer and holistic nutritionist with 10-years experience in the fitness and health industry. I sat down with Jennifer to talk about everything, from her wake up time at 5:20 am, to her not-so-secret obsession with Hello Kitty!


What began your passion for fitness?

I was always involved in sports growing up (swimming, volleyball and cross country) but when I realized I could turn my passion for health and wellness into a career in helping others, thats where my passion for this began. I discovered sharing knowledge and inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle was so rewarding once I started there was no turning back.

What is FitSquad? 

FitSquad is a results-based personal training and small group training company based out of downtown Toronto. With our team of trainers, we deliver targeted workouts, individualized nutrition with progress monitoring an online training platform to our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Why did you start FitSquad with your partners Aldo and Gabriel?

We are passionate about educating people on the difference between exercise and training. Exercise is random where training is methodical, measurable, scalable and purposeful. We believe in training. It is through this training that we are able to PUSH our clients to BECOME the best version of themselves, and continue to EVOLVE to be better and better. Hence our company motto: PUSH. BECOME. EVOLVE.

It’s your average day - what does your morning routine look like?

My morning consists of waking up at 5:20am with a coffee and seeing clients or teaching class from 6:30am until about noon. Before I leave the gym I make sure to take time to get my own workout in and enjoy a post-workout meal (typically lunch at this time).The afternoons are spent working on the business (i.e. strategy meetings, team meetings and administrative tasks all necessary to keep the business running and growing). Evenings may include consultations with new clients or social/networking opportunities and events and on a good day - in bed by 11:30pm!

How do you keep so scheduled?

I am motivated to keep a schedule to ensure I get all the things I need to do into any busy day. Having scheduled workouts allows me to mentally prepare for them and keeps me stress free as I know I won’t miss a workout and training always makes me feel amazing!

What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

I love strength training and running although it’s cold as heck outside right now so a lot more indoor running in the colder season).When I can hopping into one of our FitSquad classes is a super fun way to get my sweat on! Either HardStyle Metcon or Athletic X for full body sweat sessions!

What are your core values as a trainer?

Strength matters.  Sharing the truth about strength training (it does not make women bulky or “too” muscular) to women has been a big driver in my fitness career.  Women we are often told too many times about what we can, can’t, should and should not do. Women can do anything and everything especially when it comes to training. Functional training is at the pillar of my values as a trainer. This means training with movements and exercises that mimic that of everyday life in order to move better (stronger and pain free) and to prevent injury.

What does your bedtime routine look like?

I like sipping a peppermint tea after dinner to help digest my meal. Before bed, my skin routine includes cleansing, exfoliating, masking (2x a week) and moisturizing with my coveted Dermalogica products. I will also meditate before bed with the HeadSpace app (10-15mins).

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How do you like to unwind?

Netflix and chill after dinner with my Saje air purifier on with a calming essential oil.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I have a huge Hello Kitty collection - although I think word’s gotten out on that now! lol

What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

Being healthy and feeling great is SO dayum HOT! Being hot comes from the inside out! When you feel great, move well and stand strong, that’s what hotness is all about :)