Getting Back to Boxing

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for boxing movies; Southpaw, Creed, Million Dollar Baby, The Fighter, and of course the all-time classic Rocky. There’s something so bad-ass about boxers with their effort, drive and commitment to the sport which has a lasting effect on me when I watch the actors bring to life some serious fitness on the big screen. With Creed 2 dropping in theatres November 21st, Warner Brother’s had a unique opportunity for media to partake in, in addition to the regular junket-style interviews with the actors. 


Etalk was invited to join a Canadian boxing legend, Lennox Lewis, in the ring at Hardknocks Boxing Club to learn first hand the basics of boxing with a special appearance by none other than Michael B Jordan. Lennox is a boss in the ring, he even won gold during the 1988 Olympics representing CANADA!! To get time with him was very special, and a true Healthy Is Hot moment for the books. He started with a warm up and a 411 on basic punches, and then we each got 5minutes with the Canadian legend for a mini boxing match. A handful of minutes later and I was left breathless, empowered, humbled, curious about the boxing world and grateful that my TV job and passion for health led me to be there in that moment. 


The timing of a boxing shoot could not be more perfect. I wish I could tell you all why... but just be patient and I’ll share when I can. 

Growing up, most of my free time was spent in a school gymnasium with my best girlfriends learning the craft of Taekwondo. I tried the typical jazz dance classes but quickly realized I had very little grace. But TKD? We were all obsessed. Thankfully we were all different belts, height and weight so we never had to spar in competitions - instead we cheered each other on and supported each other during the wins and the hard losses. We started local, in our small town, moved up to taking more advanced classes at a downtown TKD studio, and eventually competing at a national level where we all took home gold. As we grew up, we slowly stepped back from the sparring world and were consumed with other 16year old priorities... I think I would have continued had a brutal blow to my right knee hadn’t put me on forced-rest and a bunch of physiotherapy. 

Looking back? Those were some of my best memories. Equal parts because our girl squad was unlike any other, we went against the grain and kicked-ass, and we respected the sport. It taught us hard work, determination, perseverance, grit, the ability to read our opponents, the power of listening to your body, being present, and even though we were scolded with an astonishing amount of push-ups every time we chatted during class, we loved it. 

This moment in the ring with Lennox, brought all of that to the forefront. It made me feel that same high. It reminded me of a long-lost love. It’s something I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. 

It’s time for me to get back into a sport where I can fight like a girl, and feel like a bad-ass.