Balance: Fitness and Social Life

Fitness and health have become such a big part of my life in the past two years and I am forever grateful I have made them both part of my every day life. And when it comes to my goals and healthy lifestyle, I like to always remind myself not to stretch myself to thin. A lot of people ask me how do I find that ‘perfect balance’ of staying active and having a social life that everyone seems to be chasing? I always get asked things like ‘do you ever have to sacrifice a social plan for working out?’


In my opinion, there is a way to mix active with the social and not sacrifice all that you have worked hard for! Here are my _ tips to living that balanced active-social lifestyle we re al after, without sacrificing everything.

  1. To drink or not too drink.. that shouldn’t be the questions

So, I’ve been struggling a lot with this one lately. recently, I’ve been invited out to social gatherings, and celebrations where alcohol is just everywhere, and I haven’t been loving what alcohol does to my body lately (the sugar, the next day hangover ,etc) so I have been trying to really avoid it, but I really like going out to celebrate with friends. But, I’ve recently found out there are many ways to drink in a health conscious way. Be smart about your drink choices. Rum and Coke used to be my go-to, but with the alcohol mixed with a high sugar content liquid, it just kills my stomach. Beer, another personal fave, is a little trickier because it is wheat-based and can add to that carb count quickly. If you want a beer that is light tasting and less calories, go with Michelob Ultra (90 calories, 2.6 g of carbs). If you’re wanting something more liquor-based, my go to is vodka and soda. 

2. Water, water, water

This one may sound a little difficult to do in the moment, but you’re saving yourself from a nasty headache the next morning. Drinking water while consuming alcohol is so important. Not only will it save you from whispering ‘too loud’ to your roommate the next day when she says ‘good morning,’ it will also increase your chances of not being that blackout person at the party! 

3. Schedule your workout for that day WAY before hand

Most of our social activities happen after work, mid-afternoon, right? So it makes sense to try to get your workout for that day done and out of the way. There is no point in trying to schedule a workout right before the event, party of get-together because that’s just adding stress onto your already busy plate. 

4. Eating right

This tip is a struggle because we all know drinking can lead to some delicious, but unhealthy junk food filled with sugar and salt that our body is craving. Making the right food choices is very important. Don’t throw away a good morning workout with an unhealthy late night meal because you’ve had a few beers. Respect and honour your body for that amazing workout! 

I believe you should never fully sacrifice your social life for your workouts, just like I don’t think you should deprive yourself of what you want to eat. If you can learn to integrate healthy choices into your every day life, it won’t feel like such an obligation to hit the gym or sacrifice when social opportunities arise!