Benefits of a Digital Detox

Our phones and our computers are a huge part of our lives. We use it to communicate with family and friends, to work, and to browse through our social media platforms. One thing I think we’re all guilty of is spending countless hours scrolling through Instagram or watching one more episode of a tv show.


The benefits of taking a digital detox are endless. You end up doing all of the little tasks you put aside. Our technology is our biggest distraction and when we take that out of the equation, you’ll see just how much time you really have in the day and how many more things you can get done.

So here are three benefits of a digital detox:

 Being Present

Being on our phones is second nature to us. So, when we put it down, it allows us to really start taking in everything around us. When we stop to look around and enjoy nature or enjoy the company of the people we are with, life seems a lot brighter.



Although a lot of our work is probably done on the computer, if you stop checking your phone or browsing through your Facebook feed, you start to see your productivity levels go up. What I’ve noticed is that I get my work done a lot faster and can complete more tasks because I don’t have that added distraction.


Enjoying the things you love

Do you love to read but can never find the time to do it? When you put the technology away, it gives you a lot more time to do activities that you enjoy. Whether that is reading a book, taking time to journal, or even giving yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to just be still. It can make your day feel a whole lot better.


Doing a digital detox isn’t easy. We’re so accustomed to always being online. Although you don’t have to swear off using your phone completely, being conscious about your usage will help you achieve the most throughout your day.