The Mind-Gut Connection: Book Review

La Connecion Cerveau/Intestin 
The Mind-Gut Connection 
by Emeran Mayer MD

“Notre appareil digestif est un system beaucoup plus délicat, plus complexe et plus puissant que nous le pensions jusqu’à présent. Selon de récentes études, c’est par ces interactions avec ses microbes que l’intestin peut influencer nos émotions, notre sensibilité a la douleur, nos relations avec les autres et même notre façon de prendre des décisions – et pas seulement en ce qui concerne nos préférences alimentaires ou la quantité de nourriture que nous ingurgitons.” 


This quote explains how we are discovering that the relationship with the gut and the brain is so much more important than originally thought, and that our gut has now been seen to have affects on our emotions, our pain threshold, our relationships with other, and our decision making ability. 

The book that is in my possession is in French, but it is available in English. 

Recently we have been discovering the importance of the gut and how it can affect your health. Having a healthy gut has become a top priority in many wellness enthusiasts and Doctors have also started to acknowledge that importance. We are also discovering that the gut has links to essentially every function in the body. Dermatologists are starting to test the effects of the gut on skin health, which is so interesting! 


So why is this book important? 
It has some very interesting scientific proof as to how the gut bacteria affects our health, and if anyone is interested in the science behind it all Dr Emeran Mayer lays it all out there. 

A theory in particular, which was something I had planned on doing further education on, was the link between the gut and autism. My background is Environmental Studies and Early Childhood Education, and I am passionate about how the environment influences a child’s development. The theory that I had been working on is when a child takes antibiotics at a young age, during that crucial intestinal developmental stage; can ingesting genetically modified organisms affect brain development? Well HIH fam, Dr Mayer goes in to a similar theory and I’m all about it. 


The book is divided in 3 main parts: the first talks about our body the supercomputer, the second being your intuition and decision making, and the third is how to gain optimal gut and brain health. 

This book was such an interesting read, and it really demonstrates how important that gut/brain relationship is! 

I think a massive lesson I took away from this read was how to take a holistic approach to our health. Everything is linked, and we need to start treating our body everything and keep it healthy instead of treating our body when it is sick.  
I would love to hear how you all keep that gut healthy! 


With happy vibes, 

 Mary-Catherine xx