How I Get Sh*t Done: Sara Buckingham

Meet Sara Buckingham, aka Sara Bucks on Instagram! She’s got a lot going on in her life. By day, Sara is a customer success manager for Oracle Marketing Cloud. By night, she’s Bumble Canada’s Toronto market lead, bringing fun and unique events to the city! You thought I was done? Oh no! Sara is also the founder of BarreMoves, a dance and Pilates inspired fitness class that inspires you to move! As well, Sara co-founded Amazed and Confused, a community that connects those who are feeling lost on their current path! This girl is all about empowering others around her, and this is how she gets it done!

What is Amazed and Confused and why did you want to start something like that?

What it is: A community connecting individuals finding their way. Our aim is to build a tribe of people, who will work together to navigate the difficult, yet exciting moments in life. We feature individuals that inspire us, and host various events in the city. 

Why: After graduating university, My BFF, Kyra and I, soon discovered that not only ourselves, but also so many people around us, were struggling to find their way. We wanted to create a community connecting those people, with a platform to share our successes and struggles. My biggest passion is building meaningful relationships and I felt this was a great way to do it.

It’s your average day, what’s your morning routine?

On an average day, I wake up at 6:30am. I head to the gym, or a group fitness class around 7am. When I get back to my apartment, I have my daily cup of lemon water, get ready for work (while listening to a podcast), then have a healthy breakfast; a smoothie, eggs, or yogurt parfait. When I’m ready, I head out on my walk to work. I usually grab a Tim’s steeped tea on my way!

What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

DANCINGGGGGGG! Or Barre class of course, Oh! And hot yoga.

You are also the founder of BarreMoves Fitness, how did you get started in barre?

I have been a dancer since I was four, and ballet was a huge part of my training. The ballet barre has helped me in many ways, such as promoting strength and discipline. Today, I focus more on commercial styles of dance, such as Jazz Funk, but when I took my first barre fitness class 2 years ago, I instantly feel in love. I believe that Barre Classes are a perfect combination of dance and fitness. I’ve always been passionate about sharing my love for movement and fitness, so I felt that teaching Barre would be a great next step for me- and I’m loving it!

I LOVE your dance videos on Instagram, so empowering girl! What is it about a dance class that empowers you?

THANK YOU! Honestly, everything! Growing up, I loved the discipline and confidence dancing provided me. Being able to get on stage and perform is one of the most amazing feelings. I believe dancing competitively growing up, allowed me to learn so much about myself and build my character. Now that I have gotten into more commercial/music video styles, I feel even more empowered! The classes I go to are amazing, there is so much positivity, and people are always cheering each other on, and building each other up. When you dance, you can be whomever you want to be, and no one can tell you how you need to act, be, or even look.

You are constantly on-the-go, what’s your favourite snack, smoothie, coffee, etc, that you like to have on a busy day to keep you going?

As I mentioned, I am obsessed with Tim’s steeped tea. I probably have one a day, as I find it relaxes me. Other than that, I always make sure I have snacks in my bag, such as an apple or carrots and hummus. I like to keep it simple!

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week?

Yoga with Adrienne videos are my absolute favourite! Her gentle yoga makes me feel so rejuvenated. I won’t lie, I also love me some retail therapy on the weekends, and lately I’ve loving he time I have to organize or clean my apartment. Apart from that, hanging out with my friends or boyfriend is the best!

What’s your bedtime routine look like?

I’m working hard at being more consistent with this routine, but what I strive for is: At 9:30pm, I have a reminder set to meditate (10-15mins), and then I spend some time journaling. I then will wash my face, bush my teeth and get into bed to read a few pages! Lights off by 10:15-10:30 is the goal. Of course, when I have late events this is not as doable. I also like to have my oil diffuser with a lavender scent going as I get into bed to keep me relaxed as I wind down!

You work at Bumble Canada, what’s your go-to advice when it comes to networking with others in a working environment?

My biggest networking tip is to be always be genuine, and never approach people with an immediate ask in mind. Try to get to know the individual and make a deeper connection, rather than having surface level conversations. If you need something from someone, you can always find a way you can both benefit each other. Finally, kindness goes a long way. If you are inspired by someone, or admire a trait they have, let them know- they won’t forget it!

What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?

Take a deep breath. It works for just about anything.

What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

Healthy and Hot to me, is a feeling. A feeling of balance, positivity and self-love. If my mind body and spirit are healthy, I feel amazing.

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