Redefining Possible

No can’t, no won’t, only how. 

These are just some of Spencer West’s inspirational messages. When he takes the stage as a motivational speaker, audiences are immediately captivated by his energy, the tone of his voice wraps  around you like a hug and you want him to keep dishing out nuggets of life guidance. At the age of 5 he lost both of his legs from the pelvis down and has overcome everything thrown his way, thriving in his surroundings and bringing awareness to issues he is passionate about. 


Like... oh I don’t know, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands to bring attention to the drought in Kenya in 2012. 

Or... raising money and awareness to WE’s clean water projects by completing an epic 300km journey in Canada with his wheelchair. 

And... taking the WE Day stage time and time again for thousands of kids who cheer with such exuberance it might as well be Shawn Mendes. 

So when Spencer asked me to be a part of his YouTube video at WE Day in Winnipeg last week, I didn’t have to think twice. We chatted about all kinds while bonding over connect four. Through our chat I learned that Spencer has been trying to live a more Healthy Is Hotlife, so I couldn’t help but want to interview him to learn more. 

Enjoy the video and interview below! Make sure to check out his YouTube channel to be seriously inspired and realize why he’s such an incredible human. 

1. You recently decided to change up your lifestyle to become healthier, what instigated that?  

This summer I injured my shoulder and I haven’t been able to go to the gym which resulted in me gaining a bunch of weight. For most folks this may not be a big deal, but because I don’t have any legs and rely on my arms for everything, having a shoulder injury halts almost everything physical.  

2. What have been some of the changes you’ve made? 

 Although I can’t go to the gym just yet, I can control the food I eat. So I downloaded the app MyFitnessPal and have been watching my calories and doing a bit of exercise in the pool. Simply by minimizing my calories to a reasonable amount, over the last 4 weeks I have lost 5 lbs. Which again doesn’t sound like a lot but my starting weight was 89 lbs and I’m currently down to 83. So for me that’s huge!


3. Being healthy is not always easy, what’s been the biggest challenge? 

Right now the biggest challenge for me is that I’m not able to workout due to my injury. We travel 200 days out of the year and if our hotel doesn’t have a pool there’s not really any other option for me. 


4. As someone who is constantly on the road, what’s your advice for people on-the-go who still want to lead a Healthy Is Hot life? 

Although we travel so much, and often times work 12 hourdays, you just have to make food and exercise a priority. Soon the road we usually only have restaurants as options for food but we do our best to modify things (I’m sure our poor servers hates us) so that we can stick to our calories. We’ve made it priority which now has just become routine. 


5. With all your hard work (I instantly noticed there was something different about you!!), have you seen an effect on your quality of life?

 You’re so sweet! Yes, all in all I just feel better. I feel more confident. My self talk has changed for sure, way more affirmation, which I didn’t realize I was lacking. I also noticed my skin has cleared up and I am definitely sleepingbetter. Basically my whole quality of life has been elevated!


6. Not only with regards to being healthier, but in all aspect of life, how important is your support system?  

Support system has always been the foundation of my success. We will all face challenges, health or otherwise, and for me the best way to face those is knowing I have a strong support system behind me to lean on if and whenthings get tough. 


7. What does Healthy Is Hot mean to you?

To me Healthy Is Hot means feeling good inside and out, and knowing that you are trying your best, to be you best self.