Trying Insta Health Crazes

I tried the latest health crazes, so you don’t have to! Let me preface this by saying that I love healthy eating, if I can add a special ingredient into my coffee for glowing skin, I’m in. With that being said it’s always good to approach these things with some skepticism, just because someone posted it on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s true. To save you lovely Healthy is Hot some time and money, I tried these popular Insta-famous health crazes and am giving you my honest opinion so you can decide whether they are truly worth a try.

Collagen – I wanted to hate collagen, I really did. I tried collagen with the hope that it would help my gut, as someone who has suffered digestion problems for years I thought, what do I have to lose? I LOVE IT! I’ve been incorporating collagen into my morning tea or coffee for almost 6 months now and am already feeling my gut slowly start healing. I am able to tolerate food and alcohol a lot better than I was once able to and am seeing less bloat and pain after meals. A helpful tip – switch between marine and animal collagen every few months in order to lessen the chances of your body becoming reliant on one single brand. I haven’t been successful in my search for vegan collagen…but stay tuned!  


Bulletproof coffee – another hard sell… adding butter to my coffee, I don’t think so… I’ve tried it with butter and with coconut oil and truly hated it both ways. With Bulletproof coffee, I can’t get past the film you get in your mouth when adding butter to a hot liquid, not my cup of tea. I will say, I’ve tried variations of bulletproof without the butter and don’t mind them, I add coffee, collagen and MCT oil for a change in my routine. The only part I really like about this process – blending your coffee, I love the foam it creates but as Simon would say, it’s going to be a no from me.


Intermittent fasting – While researching how to heal my gut I stumbled upon intermittent fasting, I had always thought it was for intense fitness junkies and it would have no benefit for little old me, boy was I wrong. I’m a firm believer in breakfast so this wasn’t easy but after a few weeks of prolonging my fast I began experience changes in my body. The bloating and nausea I was experiencing in the morning completely disappeared and I was able to get through the day without a million snack breaks as I was more mindful of what I was eating and when. A helpful tip – start off slow, give yourself 8 hour breaks between meals then continually add an hour until you’re happy with your routine. Personally, I stop eating between 7 and 8 pm and won’t eat until 9 the next morning (I wake up at 6 am so that is a big enough gap for me!), I also much prefer working out on an empty stomach rather than a full one in the morning! Make sure you do this on your own terms and don’t jump right in to the 12-hour meal breaks as it won’t end well!


Celery juice – a little background about me… I HATE CELERY. Ever since I was a child I have absolutely despised celery, so trying this fad was not at the top of my list but after a summer of painful gut problems I had nothing to lose. After seeing health and fitness influencers on my like Melissa Wood Health and Hannah Bronfman on my Instagram feed raving about this magical juice, I caved.  Celery juice has won me over due to its benefits, drinking celery juice on an empty stomach every morning for a week I already saw a difference in the way I felt, my skin began to glow brighter and that thing your body needs to do once a day but no one talks about… celery juice works wonders for that too. I will say, I can’t commit to every morning based solely on the taste but when I need a detoxing or am in need of an energy boost I put my feelings aside to reap the benefits.