Lessons from my 2018

2018 was a massive year for me. I left my home of Ottawa to follow my heart and move to Scotland, I became more aware of my health and took some serious initiative in staying healthy, I am lucky enough to be very much in love with a supportive and understanding Scotsman, I struggled with a career change, and I found a new passion by joining the Healthy is Hot squad! 

When changes are happening in life, that’s where you start to see yourself and how you react in different situations, and I have learnt a lot about myself this year and what I want in life. 


Let's break these lessons down…

1)   Trust your gut 

Your gut instinct knows, it just does. I’ve realized this year that it is so important to take a step back and ask yourself what YOU need. That can go from friendships to food, what is bet for you in this moment. You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, you might as well pay attention to that voice. 


2)   Travel 

 We all say it…travel! I don’t mean pack up your life and spend a year backpacking travel (but also you do you), but just the act of getting away for a weekend can do a world of good! I think the ability to discover new things, learn something about a culture, or see a place you hadn’t seen before is good for the soul. I love that feeling of not needing to focus on things like chores, because if you were home you probably would be!

3)   Don't wait until you are ill to take care of yourself 

This was a big one for me this year…I have really focused on putting health first, and when possible investing in my health. I say when possible because I had to alter my budget when moving to Scotland and that for instance took some money out of my weekly chiropractor visits I was doing back in Ottawa. Staying a head of the game is a good plan in the long run!


 4)   Give your heart to someone who will cherish it 

Ah yes, love. Connecting with others is important, and finding those people who are really important to you can be difficult, and even more so in a partner. I had come to a decision before meeting S. Where I had decided to go through life on my own, because I didn't think I was going to find someone and that happens so often to people. I had even told my mum that I would be a single mother and had this whole plan because I had come to terms with it. Then I met S. and my life changed (oh my gosh, cringe). It's the little things he does that make me realize he is good for me, as in calling the restaurant ahead to make sure they are ok with my allergies…that’s a small thing for him, but huge for me. 

My lesson here is that you can be happy on your own, but you can also find someone who is good for you and will cherish your love, and it can be friendships as well as romantic relationships.  Don’t sell yourself short! 


5)    Change is good 

That is pretty self explanatory, but I think putting yourself in new situations is good for your soul and your brain! You are challenging yourself, making yourself stronger for future situations. 

6)   Find your people

This year I did big things, I moved to a new country and had to find some new friends…it’s not always easy in your late 20s to connect with people. Thankfully I found some friends here that I really adore. 

I also joined HIH this year, and they have become my tribe. There was this horrible day where a man had made a comment about my weight and how I should go eat something (let’s not dwell too long on this), and my first reaction was to reach out to my HIH fam. Remembering our amazing event back in June brought me back to a positive head space, ad I was able to talk it out with our lovely Chloe. Getting that suport system in your life if so important, and it come from work, home, friends, blog, etc but finding your tribe is key. 



Well that is a quick run down of my lessons. I can’t wait for 2019!! 

With happy vibes, 

Mary-Catherine xx