I’m Not a Runner but I Ran a Race and it Felt Amazing!

September 9th, however, I did my first official registered run. This is my written account and thank you to two sources of inspiration, the A*list team of writers at Healthy is Hot and the amazing crew at the Bad Girls Collective!

Let’s take it back a bit. This summer I was determined to finally get an official run in before a milestone birthday at the end of the year. It’s not even a long distance run, just a basic run but I was convinced I wasn’t strong enough, or focused enough to get it done. So I turned to friends who’d run and questioned them about their journeys. Often I even asked complete strangers how they were pacing and enduring? (got a lot of raised eyebrows for being so bold and awkward). And of course I used the community we have on here as well. There were two blog posts on the HealthyisHot site that helped me prepare for what I was getting into.

Chloe wrote about Amy’s journey and tips for living a healthy lifestyle when celebrating her volt status and I walked away with the message “to try a little every day, even if it’s just a traffic light or up a block”. I was really hard on myself when I started running and it definitely did not help. I’d feel hopeless for not finishing the kms I wanted in the time I wanted, or for not being able to bear the summer heat, or just for slowing down too much. I’d look around me and see other people effortlessly breathing and striding away while I was panting like a dog and I’d immediately feel defeated and embarrassed. My problem was I was comparing myself because I thought I should be ‘some certain way’ and that never does anyone any good. What I learned though is that it’s not what you do on each run that matters as greatly as getting out and doing it everyday or often enough for consistency to develop. So I changed my goal and worked on just being consistent in the lead up to my run.

I downloaded a few apps like the Nike Run Club and found a group to run with, the Bad Girls Collective that ran on Wednesdays in the evenings during the Spring. Even though I didn’t make every run, my first training 5K was with them and purely because some kind soul decided to not leave me alone and stayed with me and my horrid slow pace. And for that I am grateful. It takes just one person to believe in you.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 1.21.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 1.21.56 PM.png

Why Running in Organized Races is a must, was another article I used to bolster my butt out of the couch. The motivation to train, the running community, the runner's high, the giving back and just having fun are all great reasons listed by Amy Simmonds. I did the Yorkville Run and donated my run money to the yes416 ladies who work with the Dress for Success community.

My message to you, if you are not a runner, is that you really can do it. Sure you have to train alone often but there are groups and running communities who walk you through the ‘sexy pace’ (slow af) at the beginning and get you there so you feel confident enough to complete your run. All it really takes is one person. You.