Lessons from my Yoga Mat

Everything I needed to learn this year came to me on my yoga mat. 2018 was a year of change, challenges and growth, it wasn’t until I got back into yoga that I truly realized how far I’ve gone. Growing up I remember practicing yoga with my mom, then it became a part of my training as a dancer, then my favourite way to destress when I worked at a gym. It wasn’t until a hot yoga studio opened up near me that I remembered how much I truly loved the heated practice and all it offers both mentally and physically.  As I got back into the practice, a lot of crap I had been holding onto quickly came up, jealous feelings, insecurities and self-doubt, the whole package! By working through these feelings, it all became clear that there were some bigger advantages to getting back into yoga than a stronger core, I was learning about myself:


1.     Ask for help – stop being afraid of failure, it is going to happen! I’ve realized there is nothing wrong with asking for support and assistance when needed, whether this is incorporating a block during your yoga practice or help dealing with stressful situations, there is nothing shameful about asking for help.

2.     Let sh*t go – This one is still hard for me, I’m known for holding on to toxic grudges and things that didn’t go as planned, my resolution is to get better at letting it go. The most important part of this for me is to stop punishing myself for what I can’t change.

3.     Be kind to yourself – everyone has bad days, just because you may not feel as strong or confident as you have in the past does not make you less-than. Making an effort to speak to yourself with kindness can make all the difference in your practice and in your day to day life.

4.     Stop judging others - there will always be someone better, prettier, stronger…Get over it. Stop comparing yourself to those around you and better yourself, no good comes from focusing on others when you should be focused on you.

5.     Push yourself – Nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone so push yourself to go further. Whether it’s trying a new pose or getting a new job, a lot of good can come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


All the best in 2019 Healthy is Hot fam, I know you’ll kill it!