Chloe Wilde: HIH Holiday Tips


Chloe Wilde here, wishing you the happiest of holidays! 

A big hello from Ottawa where I’m visiting my mom, younger brother and his 130lb great dane named Lewis. The ground is covered in snow, the dog is drooling all over me as a thank you for feeding him breakfast and my coffee has a healthy serving of Bailey’s - life is good. 

This time of year is a great time to reflect on the previous year, appreciate all the in-between moments, check in with yourself, look head at what’s right around the corner and also to be present. It’s also a time that tends to be fast and furious for many people, with lots of dinners, parties, social events and family requirements. Which tends to go hand in hand with never-ending appetizers, over the top sit down meals and booze at every occasion (like my delicious spiked coffee). So how can we enjoy ourselves while still trying to live out a Healthy Is Hot life? I got you. 

1. BREAKFAST: Clean breakfast before any big dinner: if you know you’re headed to a big dinner and want to indulge in it thoroughly, stay clean leading up to it. Try two boiled eggs for breakfast with a bulletproof coffee (coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil is my lazy way of doing it when I don’t feel like blending). High fat, high protein to keep you energized throughout the day. 

2. WATER. Step it up in this department before heading off somewhere in your cute LBD. Flush out the excess sodium, fill your body with goodness and sneak in a few extra steps for all the bathroom breaks 

3. BOOZE. Stick to cocktails that you can enjoy with soda water or just plain water, my personal favorite is tequila soda with lime. Anyone else? That way you avoid unnecessary calories and hydrate simultaneously (yay!). 

4. APPETIZERS: As someone who’s a sucker for bite-sized goodies, all things cheese and tiny phyllo wrapped nuggets of heaven, this is my all time biggest challenge with food during dinner gatherings. Allow yourself to try what you want, but take veggie breaks between refills, fill your plate with celery and grab a glass of water before attacking the wheel of brie again. And if you do want cheese, why not try a cucumber as the base instead of a cracker? TRY IT! It’s what I do. 

5. MEAL TIME: We’re going back to basics on this one. Fill half your plate with veggies first, then protein and finally a bit of carbs. If you want more, check in with yourself and make sure you’re actually hungry (wild thing I’m requesting, I know) rather than gluttonous. 

6. FITNESS: there isn’t a gym near my mom’s or the next spot I’m heading to in Barrie so I’ve come prepared with at-home workouts I can do wherever, whenever; a few from NTC and a few from Kayla Itsines. The biggest tip here is to make fitness a priority, even if it’s heading out on a walk with your family. Get moving, that’s the most important thing. 

Speaking of fitness, mom just came down the stairs asking if I want to go to GoodLife Fitness with her... the universe truly works in mysterious ways. 

Happy holidays my loves! 

Chloe Wilde