Why I Workout on New Years Eve AND New Years Day, No Matter What!


So New Years is only days away, and while most people are probably planning their sparkling outfits, and finalizing their plans for the big countdown, but for me, things are a little different. New Years Eve plans never really pan out for me, so I try to avoid them like the plague. I usually wait until last minute to really do much, that or I just give in and stay home to watch it all on TV. But the one plan that always stays the same is this: workout on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

This isn’t like a command or direct order I’m making myself do. I enjoy working out, it really is true when people say you feel 1000 times better when you get your workout in for the day. So for me, ending the year with a good sweat session and starting a new one with an even sweatier one is my favourite kind of New Years plans. here’s why. 

Ending the year with a good workout is just the best feeling. Maybe you didn’t have an awesome year, maybe a lot of sh*t happened and you can’t wait for a new one to begin. Working out for me pushes all that sh*t aside, and it allows me to end the year on a high note. I love a good HIIT session or a muscle mix to really challenge my body.

Starting the new year off with a workout is also one of the best feelings in the world, but on a different level. A new year means new possibilities, opportunities, and all that ‘new year, new me’ crap people talk about. So for me, working out is just starting the year off with something that makes me happy. Yes, most gyms are closed on New Years Day, and while this could be an easy excuse to NOT workout, I push past it and do it anyways. I get out my pilates mat in my spare room, put on a 30-45 minute Pop Sugar fitness video (free and so freaking challenging) and get it done. Pilates is my favourite workout, so getting in a session on the first day of the year just fuels my soul. 

I know planning the perfect New Years can be daunting, and for some working out is just not possible because of their extravagant plans. Which is totally cool (if you are, have a glass of champagne for me!). I love the idea of a new beginning ,and starting it off a good note is just so important to me. And that’s why I love working out on New Years Eve and New Years Day!

Goodbye 2018, and Hello 2019! It’s going to be a beautiful year HIH fam! 

Nicole O'BrienComment