Kickboxing: The King Among Workouts!


I grew up attempting many sports.

Basketball? Sure, I’m tall.

Volleyball? Yeah, sure I’m tall.

Cheerleading? Again, I’m tall. Made me a good third.

But in the end, I realized - I’m not exactly what you’d call athletic.

So apart from trying to go to the gym once a month, I decided to direct my focus elsewhere. By the time I’d hit my early 20s, I could barely do a pushup, couldn’t hold my balance well, and came to terms that good endurance was all but a myth. All that strength I thought I retained from all those athletic attempts was gone and in its place was a whole new set of physical problems that came with the inevitable - getting old(er) and a 9 to 5 desk job.

“To get better balance, power and agility, kickboxing is king among workouts.”  

I’d heard it before and it was common sense that it was a good workout. I like trying new things so why not give it a go. I figured this was going to be a month long experiment that I’d eventually lose interest in. But after several classes at BUDO Canada’s MMA and Boxing gym, the results were so much better than I could have imagined.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 10.03.04 AM.png

(via Train For Life)

Kickboxing is a typical Mixed Martial Arts that combines circuit training with drills and other core exercises, getting your whole body in action. Forget about calorie burning, this kind of HIIT [high intensity interval training] emphasizes a healthy balance of strength building, power, flexibility, and developing a deeper understanding of how to move your body. Throwing a punch might seem intimidating, but it really is an all encompassing sport with short workouts for all you busy-bees (like me) and a great alternative for those who (like me) tend to find working out at the gym kind of dull.

So, why should you consider kickboxing?

1. Helps tone your entire body and quickly melts fat

2. Improves your level of coordination.

3. Provides an alternative to gym workouts.

4. Teaches self-defense -- During training, teachers take it upon themselves to explain to their clients why certain moves are essential and why they should engage specific parts of their body. Being able to protect yourself is empowering.

5. Helps develop better posture -- Fellow desk job employees! Kickboxing will help your body get out of the posture it is conditioned to, and get out of a fitness rut.

6. Gives you a boost of confidence.

7. Relieves stress -- Instead of venting your anger on someone, direct all that negative energy to the punching bag; it can take in all your punches gracefully. As you let go of the day’s stresses, you will find that your mind feels less clogged with thoughts and life’s issues.

8. It’s fun. (Duh.)

I’m not gonna lie, it is HARD. But it the results happen so quickly. Two weeks into my classes and I was already stronger than I’d been in a very long time both physically and mentally. Since I’ve started learning how to kickbox, I’ve also developed more of a commitment to myself and my overall wellness - better eating habits, less clutter, prioritizing properly, etc. The increased level of confidence and self-assurance that came with a pair of boxing gloves isn’t something I expected. It’s what continues to keep me humble and appreciative of a sport I’ve developed so much respect for.

Bottom line, you just feel really damn good about yourself.