Wild About Mexico


They’ve always been such a weird concept to me - the idea of celebrating ourselves on the day we were born... seems we should be celebrating our mom’s who pushed us out of very small canals, no?


With that said, I love a good excuse to either a) rally the troupes for a good time or b) get the eff out of dodge and book a trip. This year, I decided for the latter option. A few cool cats (s/o Mel and David) each separately spoke highly of a tiny little surf town on the pacific side of Mexico that I had never heard of, La Punta in Puerto Escondido. A place that has few tourists, no presence of gentrification and a real boho-vibe to it where shoes are optional. My intrigue peaked immediately and decided this would be the place where I would say goodbye and thank you to my 20s, and welcome a new decade with open arms, a calm mind and an eager heart (and hopefully a tan).

7 days in - this place is exactly what my soul needed.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the hustle of Toronto but it can be very easy to get caught up in the frivolous elements of it, the desire and appeal of being “busy”, possibly even “overworked”, and let’s not forget about getting trapped in an obsessive and sometimes toxic relationship with social media. I am guilty of all of this. Taking a step back not only forces me to slow down, but also allows for a bird’s eye view of life. Reminding us what is truly important, what dreams warrant more energy, which relationships to shed and which to devote more nourishment to. All of this, plus a champagne birthday leads to a lot of introspection, visualization, meditation and re-evaluating of, well... everything.

7 days to go. Maybe I’ll find clarity? And maybe not. Either way is okay with me, the mere act of being here is an unbelievable treat.

This place is AMAZING. You can tell it ramps up during their peak surf season where pro surfers from around the world flock here to catch some of the biggest waves, but right now it’s chill, with stray pups running around, geckos on all the walls and the waves surfable for a beginner like myself. This is a new sport to me, the first time I picked up a board was at the end of summer in 2017 when I ran away from real life to surf, do yoga and meditate twice a day for two weeks. I spoiled myself with daily lessons there but decided to try my hand at it solo this time around. This should come as no surprise, it is WAY harder without someone who knows the ocean help decide which wave to take, when to start paddling and most importantly when to pop up. But it’s infinitely more rewarding to try by yourself. If I get a handful of solid waves a session solo, I’ll take that as a win. There are definitely some frustrating moments, but the high of riding a wave to the beach is unlike anything else.


Happy to say I’ve been squeezing in some HIH moments along the way through surfing, climbing, walking along the beach and doing bicep curls with daily doses of ice cream.

Ok, gotta go. Time to head down to the market to pick up some produce: plantains, limes, avocados, onions and tomatoes for our go-to afternoon snack of guacamole with a side of fried plantains doused in local hot sauce.

Stay healthy my loves.

Chloe Wilde