How To Make The Most Of Your Internship

One of the biggest problems for young adults transitioning into the work field is that you need experience to have experience. An internship can help with that. Employers overwhelmingly point to internship experience as the most important factor they consider in hiring new college graduates for full-time positions.

How do you benefit from taking part in an internship? Well, take it from me, a past intern!

During my final semester in college, we had to complete a seven-week internship. I landed mine with Daily Planet on Discovery Canada. A once in a lifetime opportunity no doubt and I knew that from the very beginning. On my first day, I was laid off my then part time job, and thought it was the end of the world because I no longer was going to have any income coming in. But I quickly realized it was a blessing. I now had the opportunity to put my whole heart into this internship. I was determined to make a good impression. I did all the jobs and tasks no one wanted to do. I made small talk, and asked tons of questions at any chance I got. I would pitch ideas and try to learn something new every day. I knew that my producers liked me, and my personality fit well with the rest of the staff. I was hired on my last day.

Still not sure? Here are my four reasons why internships are so important for your future:

1.     Experience

You’ve heard the saying, “you need experience to get experience.” An internship will give you life experiences every day of the week baby! I was spending my days in the newsroom, writing scripts, researching stories, making calls, and going through the day to day of Daily Planet. Yes, I applied all the skills I learned in college, but I was also learning things I would never have learned in a classroom!

2.     Connections

Internships are great for meeting new people, and making those key work relationships. This is so awesome because instead of having that reference letter from your family friend or part time employer, you’ll have someone working in the field helping you out. It’s also very important to keep in contact with people during and after your internship because if a position pops up, they may just think of you to fill it!

3.     Resume Builder

It all goes back to that experience thing. In an interview, the first thing an employer checks is your experience. Having internships on your resume will show the employer just what you can bring to the table and that you have that real-world job experience. 

4.     Confidence

You know that feeling where you get something right after doing it wrong a million times? That’s what it’s like to complete an internship. Working in the field, learning new things and refining your skills will give you the confidence you need to walk into a job interview feeling prepared and with the references/organizations to back you up, you’ll be unstoppable!

It’s always important to take internships seriously because this could really help jumpstart your professional career. So work hard and try to make an impact with the company you’re working with!