Face Yourself

There is something undeniable about people coming together and completing something as a group. Recently, one of our producer's at Etalk organized a fitness challenge to complete 16 classes in 30 days at Barry's Bootcamp. If you've ever done a class in the infamous red-room that began in Los Angeles and now has studios around the world, you know first-hand that this is no small feat. 

This may have started as simply that, a fitness challenge, but as the 30 day mark approached and people strived to get that last X under the 16th column on our group progress chart (which was held up by none other than a larger than life cardboard cut-out of Justin Bieber) at our downtown Toronto office, it became apparent that the calories burned were small in comparison to the pride we felt as a team, the pride we felt within ourselves and the sweaty memories we created a mere block away from our office. 


I watched in true amazement as colleagues who had never been big into fitness push themselves to try something new and come to see the benefits both physically and mentally through the process. Fitness can often be intimidating, especially in intense group settings like Barry's Bootcamp where the people featured on their website and their instructors have chiseled bodies that scream "I'm in amazing shape!"... But everyone on our team, regardless of body-type or experience in the fitness world, was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to keep coming back until the #FaceYourself challenge was completed. 

In 30 days, people's bodies changed, team morale was kicked into high gear and memories were made. We faced ourselves, and I challenge you to face yourself too. 


Rally your troops, whether that means your friends, family members or colleagues, and create your own challenge where you experience something slightly daunting together. Only in moments just outside of our comfort zone do we realize how resilient, strong and bad-ass we truly are. Make #HIHmoments a priority, and you'll be amazed at the milestones along the way. 

Nervous to jump in? Embrace the nerves and seek the rush of knowing you did it, because you can.