How To Stay Focused and On Task

Hello HIH Family! Daphne here, founder and lead of Serotina Media Inc. I spend a lot (all) my time online. From emails to social media posts to Google Hangouts to Weekly Webinars events, 80% of my work is done online.


How do I stay focused and on task? Good question…. It’s not without effort but here are 4 tips I swear by.

Notifications to none.

I did this in university - I turned all my notifications off: Facebook, e-mails, Instagram. If I could turn it off I did. Why? Our brains aren’t wired to multi-task. We can pretend all we want but it’s just a fact. Notifications act as distractions that can take your attention away from your current task. Instagram likes, e-mails and Facebook message can all wait till you’re ready to properly engage. No one likes a half-ass answer so why give that? When you’re ready to reply to your Instagram comments, you open the application and you do it then. If anything needs your immediate attention, you’ll get a call. I promise you!

Airplane mode.

Or just turn it off. I realize we all use our phones for more than talking and texting but alarm clocks, stop watches, and music can be done from other devices and if you own an iPhone than you have no excuse. Yes, all in one device is convenient but not always efficient. Don’t tell me you don’t start looking somewhere else once you’ve picked up your phone. I'm guilty too, trust! I’ll pick up my phone and head to the company’s Instagram account @serotinamedia to follow up on a lead but then find myself surfing the feed, liking random pictures…. NO! 10 minutes goes by and I’m like wait, why did I pick up my phone again? 10 minutes gone and you aren't getting them back.


Working it out is my me time. Weather I’m in at 6ix Cycle, I’m at the gym or at the yoga studio, I turn my phone on airplane mode or better yet, I don’t bring it. Some of the greatest and most successful minds all say their best ideas come when they are diving or showering. Why? Because they have finally disconnected and given their brains a chance to THINK and adventure ideas we don’t normally encourage ourselves to interact with. Now I realize the point of proper meditation is to not engage with thoughts but ‘let them pass like a cloud in the sky’ (as Headspace like to tell me over, and over) but meditation is you time so I believe it should be what you want it to be. I choose it to be at the gym, but you pick your motion: driving, showering, lunchtime, yoga. Whatever activity you choose just do your best to limit the amount of distractions and take the time to think about your thoughts; good or bad. Processing them - maybe take a few notes here and there. You’d be surprised what comes out of it. For myself, this is when my creativity comes out. You would think it would be when I’m knee (of fingers) deep into social market research or sourcing inspiration for a proposal but that’s not the case. When I step back and sweat, that’s when the ideas come flowing and let me tell you, it’s such a high.

Meditation, but for real.

To my previous point, #meditationinmotion is much easier for me than ‘proper’ meditation. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Guided meditations are what I turn too. I won’t lie, I don’t necessarily feel the benefits of meditations but this is where I leave it to science and trust that it will/does make a difference in my thought process and cognitive function, and most importantly my focus. I make a point to meditate, with a Headspace or Calm guided meditation or a Yoga Nidra minimum 10 minutes a day. I don’t always do it and that’s okay - the effort is the most important part here.

There you have it; 4 points I swear by to keep me on task and focused in this super distracting universe. Try it out - let me know what you think! I’m always testing out new things and experimenting with new processes. I talk about them on my Instagram @loveyourselfxx - come be my friend!

Xx Daphne Barron