How To Cope On Bad Days

Bad days – we all get them. Some bad days are okay. We can manage and easily move on. But then we have the really bad days where it truly feels like the world crumbled down on you and there’s no hope of coming back from whatever it is that happened.

Personally, I ride the waves of my emotions. I don’t try to fight them when I’m at home. I used to fight it so hard that all I did was hurt myself more in the process. I’ll allow myself 20-30, heck, even 60 minutes to have a pity party for myself depending on the severity of the bad day. I’ll cry, journal it up and then get to the good stuff – being kind to myself by doing things I enjoy/want to do.


Reconnecting with yourself by showing yourself love is so important and reminds you how much of a babe you are. It reminds you of the love you deserve. I really wish I had a secret recipe to making bad days better immediately, but I don’t. What I do have, though, is a list of things that could possibly make you feel better.

None of the following on the list are done for specific situations. I gauge what I do based off the energy level I have left for the rest of the day. If some of these aren’t up your alley, I hope it can at least inspire you to come up with things that work for you!

1)     Watch a good series/movie with your favourite snack

2)     Write in journal about goals and how you’re going to achieve them

3)     Get physically active (gym, yoga, walk, run, etc.,)

4)     Meet up with good friends

5)     Treating yourself to a good meal (homemade or take out)

6)     Write 3-5 things you love about yourself

7)     If you have a tub, take a bath in a nice bath soak

8)     Read a book

9)     Make or buy your favourite coffee/tea

10)   Tackle something in the home… Closet clean up, anyone?

11)   If you ever do #10, donate clothes!

12)   Snuggle your pet

13)   Don’t have a pet? Look up animal accounts on Instagram

14)   Facial masks, mani/pedi while watching your favourite movie

15)   Do your hair and go to bed early

Most importantly, remind yourself you deserve kindness from yourself. Be easy on yourself and know that what is done, is done. You can only do better next time or handle something better next time. If the situation was something done out of your control, focus on what you can control. There is always a positive spin you can put on something horrible. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to realize what it is.

XOXO, Catarina