Resolution Stressors

2018. A brand new year which usually means a brand new beginning for most of us.

We make huge goals for ourselves and no matter what it is, we usually find ourselves giving up after a little while and feeling defeated because we weren’t able to achieve our goals quickly or feeling like we aren’t achieving anything. After a few years, it begins to feel hopeless to keep making resolutions but we continue to do so anyways and continuing the cycle. Stressful, isn’t it?

What if it didn’t have to be stressful? What if we didn’t have to feel like we’re not capable of completing our goals? Let me tell you: we don’t have to feel that way. Life is already filled with so many stressful situations, why should we create more for ourselves?


Here is something I’ve done for myself this year for my 2018 goals that will hopefully work for you guys, too. I’ve decided to break my main goal into pieces: 1 full year goal broken into smaller chunks throughout the year. That way, this will help me not feel so overwhelmed as though I need to do it all at once or feel like I’m not improving, when I actually am. The same goes for most of us – we look at the big picture but don’t take the time to look at the little steps that are creating the big results we’re looking for.

I’ve made my one-year goal, broken into 3 months each step of the way. I want to gain strength back this year and be able to squat between 50-60 pounds by the end of 2018. I used to be able to squat about 100lbs before I got really sick, so I had to make sure I made my goal realistic. From there, I’ve made 3 smaller goals.

January-March: Work on the basics of body weight work outs.

April-June: Work on the basics of lifting weights again for the strength my body is at.

July-September: Implement super-sets to increase my endurance.

October-December: Work on moving from a 45-pound barbell (usual weight of a squatting barbell on it’s own) to adding weight, making it 50-60 pounds for my squats.

By doing this, I’ve minimized my stress by not making my goals unachievable for the point I’m at in my personal life. Instead of beating myself up for having been sick and not being able to do what my body used to do, I’ve instead decided to work around what I can do instead of what I can’t do. This makes me so much more confident in reaching my big, year-end goal.  

So this year, really truly help yourself be the best you you could possibly be without adding the unnecessary stress. This not only helps you achieve your goal, but also helps with your mental health. It’s such an important part of us that we often times neglect without realizing it. Happy 2018 and happy goal setting!