Electro Yoga Flow Playlist

Every single day, a yoga practice is completely different. You could do the exact same sequence in the morning, the afternoon, or at night and it will not be or feel the same. Some days are harder than others, some days you find yourself with a finished playlist and you are only half way through your sequence. It happens. And it is ok just as it is.

My mood really influences the kind of music I want to listen to during yoga. Whether I am practicing alone at home or if I am teaching others, music can really help you get into your practice, your body, and your mind. When you are in a challenging pose, music can help you relax into it or get through it!. When you are relaxing, soothing sounds can really impact your body and your mind.

I usually create or choose my playlists according to the sequence I designed, depending on its style or structure. One thing I do not want to do as I practice or teach is change songs!

On the days I need to move and get it going, I love this 75 minute electro flow playlist I put together and want to share it with you! You will notice that it starts off faster, for sun salutations, and it gradually slows down for longer poses and final savasana.

Check it out on my Spotify @danialachola or you can just pick and choose the songs you prefer to make your own!